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1% of Russian tourists seek medical help on vacation



According to statistics provided by the Club for the protection of tourists' rights, 1% of the total flow of Russian citizens traveling abroad, is on vacation for medical help. Sometimes this indicator increases to 1.5-2%.

Among the main reasons why tourists turn to doctors are injuries caused by the fault of the holiday maker or the host. Only last year in the pools of hotels in Turkey drowned 12 children.

Often, Russian tourists are injured in a state of intoxication, get into traffic accidents. Most often road accidents involving Russian citizens take place in Egypt. Currently, the authorities of this country are accepting amendments to the law, which provide for tougher responsibilities for drivers, which cause a large number of accidents.

In addition, according to the working group of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation on the protection of Russian citizens abroad, international tourism and international exchanges, legal assistance is required for every 5 thousand Russian tourist who is abroad, reports Interfax.

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New tourist complexes and hotels are being built in the Kuban




The Krasnodar Territory plans to sign two dozen agreements on the construction of resort and tourist complexes for a total of 21.68 billion rubles. By the end of the year, construction of five 5-star hotels will be started in the province. The department of integrated development of resorts and tourism of the Krai administration has already held negotiations with investors on this issue.

In particular, at the forum in Sochi an agreement with Helios LLC on the construction of a $ 50 million resort complex in the Tuapse region is to be signed. In addition, an agreement has been prepared with OOO Gamma on the construction of the second stage of the resort complex in the Tuapse region. The amount of investments is $ 9 million. The administration of Novorossiysk plans to sign an agreement with the LLC "Novoshipi" on the construction of a hotel complex and a motel. The total cost of the projects is $ 52.2 million. A framework investment agreement is also being developed with OOO Geaton on the construction of a multifunctional tourist complex in Sochi. The complex will include a 5-star hotel, a yacht harbor, an oceanarium, a water park, a sports and exhibition complex, a SPA center and a cultural and entertainment complex. According to Interfax, the cost of the project is $ 200 million.In the near future, it is expected to start the implementation of the project to create a golf club in the village Divnomorskoe. The investor will be CC-Europ (Germany), the volume of investments will amount to 235 million euros.

Let's remind, last year the administration of Krasnodar territory considered the issue of filling resorts and tourist enterprises in the autumn-winter period. The situation was considered unsatisfactory. Among the possible steps for the development of the local tourism industry and its transfer to the year-round operating mode, it was decided to build an additional number of hotels and increase the range of services offered to tourists.

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Religion in Albania




Sunni Muslims (70%), Christians (Greek Orthodox Church – 20%, Catholics – 10%) and representatives of other faiths. Albania is the only European country with a Muslim majority. At the same time, for more than 50 years, during the reign of the Communist Party, Albania was declared a "State without religion", and any adherence to religious customs and traditions was outlawed. To this day, many years after the change of power in the country, most Albanians remain secular, not referring to any of the religions.

Tourists traveling around the country will certainly pay attention to a large number of new mosques in towns and villages. In recent years, the influence of Iran and Saudi Arabia has increased in Albania, considerable funds are invested last in the construction of mosques, religious schools (madrassas) and scholarships for students wishing to study the Koran. According to the Albanians themselves (mostly secular ones), they do not understand the similar interest in their country from distant Saudis.

Personal experience of travelers

Reviews and travel history

It will be about three churches and the monastery of St.John the Baptist in Voskopoe, which are a little further away: the Church of the Prophet Elijah, the Church of St. Athanasius and the Church of Paraskeva Pyatnitsi Read more →

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Checked baggage




in the Premium Economy

and Economy class

Panorama Club Premium

Only in Economy and Premium Economy class above the norm for each piece of luggage (not more than 32 kg)

Only as a cargo

baggage information

  • Infants (children under 2 years old)
  • Sailors
  • Passengers with disabilities
  • Sport equipment
  • Musical instruments
  • Weapons and ammunition
  • Transportation of animals
  • Terms of refund for unused service

1 piece of luggage (1 PC) up to 10 kg (if the ticket includes a free baggage allowance) and 1 children's folding stroller, such as "cane" or 1 child cradle or 1 child car seat, regardless of class of service and tariff (including, if the ticket does not include the free baggage allowance).
More about traveling with children.

2 pieces of luggage (2 PCs). For "seaman" passengers, the 2PC freight rate is applied in case of purchasing a ticket for a special UIA tariff for seafarers. In such cases, the free baggage allowance shall be indicated in the appropriate box of the air ticket at the time of sale. Sale of tickets by the tariff for seafarers is not available on the UIA website. You can buy a ticket at this rate through a travel agency that cooperates with your shipping company.

+ 1 wheelchair and other auxiliary equipment, from which the passenger is physically dependent, regardless of the class of service and tariff (including if the ticket does not include the free baggage allowance). Own wheelchairs of passengers are transported as checked baggage.
Read more about carriage of wheelchairs.

Transportation of sports equipment requires prior approval from UIA at the time of booking. Each set of sports equipment weighing up to 23 kg, regardless of actual size, is considered 1 piece of baggage within the limits of the norm. Exception: large-sized sports equipment and a windsurfing board longer than 300 cm is transported as cargo.
More about sports equipment.

Musical instruments can be transported:

  • in the form of hand luggage;
  • on the paid additional passenger seat;
  • as checked baggage;
  • as a cargo.

Transportation of weapons and ammunition requires prior approval from the UIA at the time of booking.

1 container with a gun and 1 container with ammunition to it (up to 5 kg) are considered 1 piece of luggage.
More on the transportation of weapons and ammunition.

Transportation of animals is always subject to payment and requires prior approval from the UIA at the time of booking.

Exceptions. Service animals are transported free of charge by prior agreement with UIA. Dogs / cats in the cabin: the weight of the container with the animal – up to 8 kg, the size of the container – up to 115 cm (width + height + length). Dogs / cats in the luggage compartment: the weight of the container with the animal – up to 75 kg,
Max. dimensions: 110 x 75 x 75 cm. Transportation of animals weighing from 32 to 75 kg is prohibited as checked baggage to / from airports: Baku, Bangkok, Brussels, Vilnius, Vinnitsa, Dnepr, Dubai, Zaporozhye, Ivano-Frankivsk, Colombo, Kutaisi , London, Lviv, New York, Beijing, Prague, Tehran, Chernivtsi.
More details about transportation of animals.

Conditions for refunding for an unused service for the transport of checked baggage when a passenger / payer applies *:

  • Before departure of the flight indicated in the ticket for which the service was purchased – the refund of the cost of the paid service or its re-registration to another flight (if such an opportunity is available from the UIA) can be made at the place of purchase of the service.If the service is issued and paid with the help of the UIA website, the passenger / payer * must send an appropriate request to the e-mail from which the passenger / payer * received confirmation of his order or contact the UIA Contact Center.
  • After the departure of the flight indicated in the ticket for which the service was purchased, but the passenger did not use it:
    • the return of value can be made through the department of relations with clients of the UIA or in the form of feedback;
    • reissuance of this service to another flight (if such an opportunity is available from UIA) can be made through the UIA Contact Center.

* NOTE: Refunds are made to the person indicated in the receipt confirming payment for the relevant service, or to the account from which the service was paid. If there is no information on the payer of the service, the refund is made to the passenger at his request.

The refunds are made on the basis of a receipt confirming payment for the service and identification documents.

UIA has the right to refuse refund if the passenger applied for this after 12 months from the day the corresponding receipt was issued confirming payment for the service.


For information on the cost and explanation of the zones, please indicate your route:

Note. The excess baggage allowance for UIA flights during the period from June 10 to
September 15, 2018
can change. For information on calculating the cost, please contact the UIA ticket offices and representative offices around the world or the Contact Center.

On regular and charter UIA flights, when prepayment for excess baggage is prepaid, a discount of 50% of the fare set for payment less than 24 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight and at the time of departure is valid for at least 24 hours before the scheduled flight departure. registration for the flight (except animals in the luggage compartment). When paying for excess baggage during boarding, a fare applies, 20% higher than the fare set for payment less than 24 hours before the scheduled flight departure and during check-in. Passengers who have already booked tickets can independently order the service in the CONTROL BOOKING section.

Passengers of charter flights have the right to carry 1 piece of baggage weighing up to 23 kg.

If the flight consists of several flights operated by different airlines, the first carrier's rules apply throughout the route.

Exception: On UIA flights, which are performed in accordance with the agreement on joint operation with a / k KLM / AF, the rules of the carrier whose flight number is indicated in the air ticket are applied.

If passenger transportation is issued by separate tickets to the UIA (PS) and other carrier, the luggage of the passenger will be registered only to the UIA segment; if tickets are only UIA (PS-PS) – baggage will be registered to the final destination.

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