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10 cities in which it is worth to be afraid of pickpockets



The site TripAdvisor conducted a vote among its users and compiled a list of 10 cities, where tourists January 1 in the Museum of Israel, that in Jerusalem, an exhibition dedicated to the 900th anniversary of the first crusade afraid of pickpockets.

In the first place is Barcelona. Its position in this hard-hitting ten is held for the second consecutive year. Spain in general is in the lead in the list of the number of cities that are full of pickpockets. Madrid takes the fourth place in it, Costa Brava – the seventh, and Tenerife – the ninth.

The last two Spanish cities are new to this list. The same as Lisbon (eighth place) and London (tenth), reports the Independent. Paris and Athens rose in the list by one position compared to last year's ten (third and fifth places respectively), while Prague dropped three points and now takes the sixth place.

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