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45 thousand children have transported MZD to the south and back.



Only during the first month of vacation the Moscow railway transported 44,800 children to summer recreation camps in the south. And in just the summer of 2003, the highway plans to transport over 230,000 such young passengers – by 15,000 more than last year, the press service of the Moscow City Railway said.

They noted that the MOR had been prepared in advance for the season. Almost two dozen trains are allocated for transportation of children to health camps on the Black Sea – in Anapa, Simferopol, Evpatoria, Novorossiysk. For the transportation of schoolchildren there are allocated reserved seats for cars, which underwent capital repair at Dnipropetrovsk Carriage Works with the extension of their service life.

In the summer holidays, groups of schoolchildren go not only to the south, but also to the health camps in the central part of Russia. To the suburban travel of children Moscow railway workers are also treated with increased attention. The car in which children are traveling is always in the "head" of the train, and during the journey the door to the other cars is closed. An electric train, in which a group of children follows, is necessarily accompanied by an instructor-instructor, and when the train is sent there are transport police officers guarding the safety of children. This is reported by RIA Novosti.

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April 13-14, the cancellation of Aeroexpress trains in Domodedovo will continue




Failures in the movement of trains on the Paveletsky direction of the Moscow railway, caused by damage to the truck by the support of one of the bridges, will remain for at least two more days. In particular, on April 13 and 14, five flights will be canceled on each side of the Aeroexpress trains between Paveletsky Station and Domodedovo Airport. .

C Paveletsky Station will be 1.3 million hryvnia for the organization of the holiday season in the Crimea. departures at 6:30, 7:30, 8:30, 9:30 and 15:30, in the opposite direction – at 7:30, 8:30, 9:30, 10:30 and 14: thirty. Other flights should follow the schedule, however, passengers should nevertheless in any case pawn additional time for a trip to the airport. It is not ruled out that the restoration works and the abolishment resulting therefrom will continue in the next week.

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15 Tips for Inspection of Tallinn




In the capital of Estonia, Tallinn, most tourists come for a couple of days, run around the Old Town, sit in a cafe, buy a knitted cap, a balm of Van Thallin and sail on a ferry to Helsinki or Stockholm. I was in Tallinn several times, bypassed all the sights and interesting places. Read my advice on the inspection of Tallinn and make your route to explore the city. Find out where you can make the best photos, listen to the organ, plunge into the Middle Ages, visit modern facilities, take a walk or ride a bike.

Tip 1 Tallinn is located on the shores of the Baltic Sea to feel comfortable in any weather, grab a hat, umbrella and comfortable shoes.

Tip 2 If you want to save on accommodation and do not mix with the tourist flow, then come to Tallinn in the week. The influx of tourists traditionally falls on the weekend (Finns, residents of St. Petersburg).

Tip 3 Start a walk through the Old Town with a visit to the information center at the intersection of 1.3 million hryvnia for the organization of the holiday season in the Crimea. and Kullasepa. Take a free card, a brochure in Russian "Rest in the city" and go for sightseeing.

Tip 4 Admire views of Old and New Tallinn from viewing platforms (free of charge). The Kokhtu platform is located on the eastern side of the Toompea hill, Patkuli platform – on the north. These are the best places for panoramic photos.

Tip 5 Take a stroll through the fortress wall. You can get to the open areas for visiting from the tower of Hellmann (at the Viru gate) and from the tower of Nunnu in the opposite part of the Old Town. Entry by ticket, inside the exhibition.

Tip 6 Look into the Town Hall pharmacy – it is the oldest operating pharmacy in Europe. Here is a collection of pharmacy inventory of the XVII – XX centuries, ancient potions and drugs. The entrance is free.

Tip 7 Watch the work of masters in the lane of Katarina, 1.3 million hryvnia for the organization of the holiday season in the Crimea. part in master classes and buy original souvenirs.

Tip 8 Go to the Dome Cathedral. It buried famous personalities, including the seafarer Kruzenstern, the walls are decorated with family coats of arms and epitaphs. On Saturdays, organ concerts are held. Admission ticket.

Tip 9 Climb the tower of the church of Oleviste. The tower is 124 meters high – the tallest building in Tallinn. The viewing platform is open from April to October, admission by ticket.Do not forget to capture the camera!

Tip 10 Make a sweet stop in the marzipan museum room. Before your eyes the artist will paint a figure, and you can buy and try marzipans in any form. The museum belongs to the famous confectionery factory Kalev. The visit is free of charge.

Tip 11 At the weekend, go to the organ concert at Niguliste church. On other days here, too, it is worth visiting to see the canvas of the 15th century Bernt Notke "Dance of Death". Paid entrance.

Tip 12 To raise the cultural level, visit the Maritime Museum in the Tolstaya Margarita tower and the historical museum in the building of the Great Guild.

If you have the time and desire to see more than the Old Town of Tallinn:

Tip 13 Go to the Pirita area. In good weather, you can rent a bicycle (convenient pedestrian and bicycle paths along the sea), and in a bad way to Pirita it is easy to get there by public transport. Objects of inspection: Kadriorg Park, a monument to Mermaid, the ruins of the monastery of St. Brigitts.

Tip 14 Visit the recently opened and most modern places of Tallinn – the Flight Harbor and the Tallinn TV Tower.

Tip 15 With children, go to the Tallinn Zoo.

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Flights abroad will become cheaper




Decrease in air tarifs expressed in euros for international flights from Russia will occur on October 18. The euro for the sale of international air tickets is set weekly on Wednesdays. Ruble prices are calculated at the rate of the euro of the Central Bank of Russia on Tuesday, rounded up to 50 kopecks in the big direction. The rate of the Central Bank on Tuesday, October 17, is set at 67.30 rubles for the euro – and for the sale of air tickets in the next week will apply a rate of 67.5 rubles per euro, according to. corr. .

The price will be 1.5 rubles (last week the rate was 69 rubles for the euro). Thus, passengers who have decided on the plans for flights from Russia abroad and who are not afraid that tickets at the required tariff will end, can wait with their purchase until Wednesday and buy them about 2% cheaper.

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