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"Aeroflot" made a discount on tickets to Frankfurt



The airline Aeroflot introduced a special offer for flights from Moscow to Frankfurt. The cost of round-trip ticket when purchasing before April 14 on the airline's website will be 8512 rubles, taking into account fees. This is approximately three and a half thousand rubles cheaper than the standard minimum tariff. Since April 15, the price of tickets may slightly change due to fluctuations in the euro exchange rate, according to Sob. corr. .

Departure on this proposal is possible until July 10, tickets are sold until April 30. The minimum length of stay in Frankfurt – until the nearest Sunday, the maximum – one month. The ticket must be issued within 24 hours after booking. Return of the ticket is possible until the flight departure, exchange – only with a solid surcharge.

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Arabian tales




"You live in such a climate, that's why the snow will go," Chekhov's Masha from the "Three Sisters" used to say. And all for some reason it was torn to Moscow, where, as you know, the climate is not better than in the Russian backwoods. Our local colds are our local difficulties. Fortunately, on the planet you can find a place where you can warm your bones at any time of the year. For example, in the United Arab Emirates. There, namely in Dubai and Sharjah, offers to go to heat-loving Russian tourists "Academservice".

It so happened that the first UAE was mastered by shop-tourists, who went there solely for their own mercenary purposes. It was from them that we learned that the Emirates are very cheap: gold, machinery, watches and all kinds of consumer goods. As it should be Russian tourism, the development of the new territory was total. In order to meet the wishes of Russian business, completely non-drinkers, Dubai even got a lot of bars and restaurants. The same "shoppers", or rather, their wealthy part, expanded the outlook of less self-interested compatriots, discovering that in the Emirates it is possible not only to buy food, but also to rest comfortably from the Russian winter cold, splashing in the warm waters of the Persian Gulf.And what especially was necessary to taste to our tourists – to have a rest is inexpensive.

Although the prices in Dubai and Sharjah are not high, the hotels here are first-class. Boozed with all sorts of restaurants, swimming pools, beauty parlors, saunas, squash courts, tennis courts, bowling alleys and other attributes of a full life. By the way, well-fed and in the literal sense of the word. Food in the Arab countries is not that of a cult, it is not worshiped. They just think that there must be a lot of it. And everything should be very tasty. Those who are afraid of getting well will have to keep themselves in hand. They prefer to settle in the five-star hotel "Hotel Inter-Continental Dubai" offered by Academservice. All the bathrooms in it are equipped with scales. After dinner – immediately in the bathroom. If there was an advantage – a bullet to the disco. She works at the hotel until three in the morning.

In general, "Academservice" offers hotels of different star, but not less than three stars. Both on the coast and in the city. To be able to choose a dwelling in accordance with their goals: someone wants to spend more time on the beach, someone in the shops. A combined tour is also possible. For example, four days by the sea, four – in the city.However, a special need for this, most likely, will not arise. The distances here are not Russian – from the beach to the city center 20-30 minutes drive. And from all hotels, both urban and coastal, free buses run (respectively, to the sea or to the city).

But in Dubai and Sharjah, you can not only sunbathe and devote time to shopping. There is something to see here. Therefore, Academservice offers several excursions. In addition to visiting neighboring emirates and exploring various attractions, tourists can also give less useful (however, for someone else) pastime. What are the names of these "excursions": "Camel Race", "One Thousand and One Arab Night", "Cruise on a coastal Arab boat with dinner", "Dinner in the Dunes". The first means half a day spent on the "camel racetrack" in contemplating what is recognized in the Emirates as a national sport and is under the patronage of the ruler. Second – no, of course, Scheherazadeu you do not promise, but belly dancing in the restaurant will certainly be seen. The cruise will be accompanied by a huge number of delicacies that are accepted to absorb, looking thoughtfully at the stars. Well, dinner in the dunes – he's eating dinner in the dunes.Also, by the way, under the stars. But before allowing a meal, tourists are paraded with steep ascents and descents from the barkhans, which the machine overcomes at high speed. To have an appetite for a walk.

So pack your things (panamka and bathing suit are mandatory, and you should leave your fur hat at home – in the Emirates there is not a "such" climate). It was time. The hot Arab summer has declined, the holiday season has begun in the UAE, which will last until May. And after – fifty-degree heat, high humidity, heat strokes. Even the camels shy away from the races.

Hurry up – there is not much time before the end of May.

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