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"Aeroflot" modernizes the booking system on the site



Aeroflot intends to modernize the reservation system on its website within one to two months. Earlier, the company expected to complete this work in the fall, but now the launch of new features is expected in the New Year area. The company, in particular, plans to provide, upon the user's request, not only the prices for the specified dates, but also the tariffs for the previous and subsequent three days. This will allow the passenger to choose the best rate among the nearest dates. Such a service already operates in most foreign airlines of the first series, and in Russia it was recently applied by Siberia Airlines (S7 Airlines), reports Sob. corr. .

In addition, Aeroflot plans a number of innovations in the foreseeable future. Among them, in particular, is the opportunity to make changes to the made reservations on the website and to purchase premium tickets through the Internet program for frequent flyers "Aeroflot-Bonus". The launch of this service is expected to be expected by the end of the first quarter of 2008. Aeroflot also plans to create a special website for corporate clients.

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Airtickets, cheap Flights Vladivostok-Rostov-on-Don




Booking of air tickets

General information about the flight

Airtickets, cheap Flights Vladivostok-Rostov-on-Don

Flight from Vladivostok to Rostov-on-Don is carried out by 10 airlines.

The average cost of tickets for a plane from Vladivostok to Rostov-on-Don this month is 76,124 rubles.

Airlines often reduce the prices of flights that depart at night or early in the morning, as well as flights with departures in the middle of the week. To buy an inexpensive ticket from Vladivostok to Rostov-on-Don it is possible, if you book it in advance. Now the cheapest ticket for the next 30 days is worth 22 655 rubles.

The maximum price for a flight on the route Vladivostok – Rostov-on-Don – 232,007 rubles.

How to find the cheapest airfare for Vladivostok to Rostov-on-Don?

Buying tickets for round trip is cheaper. Therefore, we recommend that you immediately look for Airtickets, cheap Flights Prague-Budapest from Vladivostok to Rostov-on-Don and back. The prices for air tickets depend on the time of departure and the day of the week, see the flights to neighboring dates to choose the cheapest and convenient option.

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In Karachaevo-Cherkessia a new ski resort opens




Not later than February 2012, the all-season ski resort Arkhyz will begin to host tourists in Karachay-Cherkessia. By this time, in the first resort village Arkhyz-Romantic will earn a four-seat chairlift with a length of 860 meters and a capacity of 1.8 thousand people per hour.

Tourists will be available two ski slopes "green" category length of one kilometer each, according to RIA Novosti. The administration of the resort, Transport in the Netherlands is part of the SKFO tourist cluster, does not expect many guests in the first season: this holiday center is not yet well known; in addition, its infrastructure itself is only being built.

While here the only place of accommodation is a hotel with 300 seats in the village of Arkhyz. The first five large hotels and an administrative building are to be put into operation only in September-October 2012. And in full capacity year-round complex will work by 2017.

Recall, Karachay-Cherkessia during the last winter, took about 80 thousand tourists and sightseers. Most of them visited the most famous center of mountain skiing in the region – the Dombai resort.In this case, tourists could be more if the negative impact on the tourist flow was not provided by a little snowy winter, events in neighboring Kabardino-Balkaria and high prices in comparison with European ones.

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Impressions from Liberty Island




Recently visited the Island of Liberty – Cuba.

It has long been interesting to go there, and now the opportunity presented itself. Without philosophizing slyly, we went to Varadero, the most untwisted place.

Map I will try to make my impressions from watching what I've seen.

I will also add the impressions of people who visited Cuba, and whose opinion I trust, especially after Cuba saw it on its own.

It was interesting how the population of Cuba lives, what the economy is concentrated in, what are the living conditions of people, their aspirations, culture, etc. Figuratively speaking, what do the Cubans live.

I will say at once – was not pleased and did not inspire optimism. Why?

Each conversation with almost any Cuban (koi) necessarily boiled down to a comparison of Western and Cuban income / lifestyle / opportunities. Yes, the incomes of a western resident, and even Russian ones with Cuban ones, are not comparable. The bulk of the population works in state enterprises and have a payroll of 10-25 CUC per month.

On Russian rubles is approximately 360 – 900 rubles per month.

Doctors, the military in rare cases have salaries of up to 80 CUC (this is the upper limit for civil servants, as I explained). This is 2880 Russian rubles.

The Cuban worker receives national money at the enterprise – a peso (non-convertible).

Then he goes to the currency exchange office and changes these "wooden" to convertible pesos at the rate of 1 to 25. Then he goes to the store and buys what he needs for these here, "convertible" pesos.

Except for products. They can also be bought in the national currency.

In general, maybe I'm so unhappy, or maybe it is, but any conversation with the local was misleading me. That is, he was a disappointment for me. Cubans are big complainants. They are crying for a life, as at them all is bad, as it is terrible all around that "so to live it is impossible" and "that that should be done", and it is urgent. How are you there in the West, live? You say, the salary is a minimum of $ 10 per hour! Yes, patiently explain that you need to pay for this and for this and even 40,000 a year for a family = a difficult life. All at once dismissed, with one argument "And I get 20 dollars a month.".

But you, I say, forgot about what you have free of charge, for free, it's a low price for water, electricity, etc. Not impressive. Let's go to the bar and talk. Only you pay, okay? Let's change shirts!

Everything is typical of the Soviet Union in the late 80's (the reserve of the naive): and they have jeans and vidaks there,and at us – a toilet paper on coupons and 2 grades of sausage-passed, I the engineer, receive 200 r., and there my colleague – $ 2000, too passed. Oh, it's impossible to live like this, Tsoi sings, we are waiting for change. However, you know this well and without me. And then. what happened then is known to everyone.

Here is a story on this topic.Friend for help

"First time in Havana?" Then you need to go into this bar – here is the best mojito, here played the Buena Vista Social Club! Do you know who that is? Especially! Let's go, let's go! Sorry for my English. Bartender, two mojitos! What are you doing? And I'm kneading the dough. I'm Eduardo. How do you like the cocktail? Well! Told ya. Have you already found yourself a girl in Cuba?

Eh, I'm married. Here is a photo of my daughter. True, I have not seen her for a long time – we are divorced with my wife. Where will you go next? Cienfuegos? Spiritlessness! Everyone will try to breed you as a tourist. Have you already eaten lobsters?

The third day on pork and rice? In Cuba, you need to eat seafood. I'll show you the place: we're friends now. Another cocktail? No? Well, you pay back for now. I'm on the street. Listen, since we are such friends now, give me money – buy milk for my daughter.

In general, guys. penny the price would be to this magazine if I wrote what is expected of me. So I'll write what I think.

Complainers and liars, I do not pretend that EVERYTHING, but those with whom I communicated are very similar.

In Varadero it is not so noticeable, but here in Havana. there beggars so much that the head goes around. And moreover, they are not at all peaceful children. They often aggressively demand their share from the "western gringo", and it is MONEY. Why is it about money so much because in Cuba there is a shortage of everything. Literally all. There is no toothpaste, toothbrushes, clothes, shoes, etc.

What to say – all souvenirs in Cuba – MANUALLY manufactured. Here's something like that.

Cameras from cans from Pepsi Cola, souvenirs made of leather, wood, rosewood. EVERYTHING handmade crafts.

In view of this, natural exchange is very common.

We knew about this and brought in an exchange fund – pasta, brushes, coffee mugs, toys, clothes. And they practically did not spend their money (except for cigars and rum, they can not be bought on the market, unless they come from under the floor). From under-the-floor, too it is possible. Salary Cubans can give out rum, or cigars. How to implement – your problems.

That's traded, the fact that they gave to the company, as well as the fact that stolen from the same native plant. Moreover, the stolen price tag can be ABOVE than in the store. And he, I tell you, is not so high.

Products.guys, well, who goes for food on vacation? Sure, there are no prices for food.

From the sad. We took an excursion to the Cayo Blanco.

On such a catamaran.

The island is known for its monument to the defenders of the Cuban border in 1964. Here he is.

As you can already see, the monument is in a terrible state. He's ruined, believe me, he's holding on, sorry, on the snot. Around him – a mess, dirt, desolation.

And then, literally on the way to it, there is this. In great condition.

Behind him, a good tourist restaurant where a round day screams Mouzon and half-drunk tourists swim in the ocean.

And right behind the restaurant is the grave of one of the border guards. More precisely, what's left of the grave. All thrown up with cut bushes and garbage from the restaurant.

Here and so, without pathos, and songs about "Komandante Che-Guevara" history is honored.

Once the ush has spoken for a mess, then more than once watched as the Cubans, coming to the beach with the zhrachka and beer calmly toss the banks into the ocean, and then that did not reach – remains on the beach. Do not believe me?

On the beaches, where you can easily see this.

You can meet this and this, and not departing From the Unified Register of Tour Operators, 260 companies were excluded the ticket office.

Before my eyes one of the local men threw a broken bottle of rum into the sea.- What are you doing, I say ?! Someone will cut your foot! Reactions are zero.

I asked the hotel what it is and why it happens. The answer was that it's tourists from Canada (oh, that's it.) – all-pigs, and it's because of them our reef has almost completely died out. Yes. but for some reason I did not see ANY foreigner throwing garbage on the beach.

Tried to find out what Cuba is living. Cigars, rum. no .. Cube was a producer of sugar. Alas. As I explained to the local, sugar is now being made in Brazil. And Cuba lives with tourists.

All the same 2 000 000 a year, you know.

I asked everyone about the profession. Bartenders are teachers, those who burn through the skin are engineers. How similar it is not the reality of the Soviet period of disintegration. painfully similar.

Intimacy in Havana is persistently Taxis in New York will rise in price almost everywhere, and representatives of both sexes. Niece Fidel Castro, daughter of Raul, who heads the National Center for Sex Education, in recent years has been actively supporting the gay movement in Cuba.

From the funny and sad at the same time. Friends of the hotel returned from a trip to the crocodile farm. They laugh.

What? Says they learned that there is a Cuban toilet on this farm.

This is a wooden cubicle.You enter it, there is no light, no toilet seat, no toilet paper (deficit, remember?). At the entrance is a huge Negro, and KEEP the door while you do your business. Why keeps? Because there is no latch. Deficiency.

Yes, and for the service it is necessary as it is to remove. you see. No latch – there is a workplace. 1 CUC it is necessary to descend on need. And the funniest thing is that he gives you the paper. Exactly one square. Only to wipe a finger.

The only business in Cuba, which will never burn, is the sale of rocking chairs. Every local resident has this furniture. And all thanks to such a concept as "manjana". His literal translation – "tomorrow" – does not fully correspond to the local meaning. And it is something like this: "why do something today, when will tomorrow." So the Cubans sit all day in rocking chairs on the verandas or the fallen apart steps, near the windows or walls of eternally restored buildings and contemplate the surrounding reality. Tomorrow is tomorrow.

That, in fact, that's all.

Next, a few photos of the neighborhood, for interest.

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