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Aeroflot will supply the first Airbus A330 for flights to Tokyo and Shanghai



Aeroflot has determined the first routes for the Airbus November 24 at US airports – protest action against new security measures aircraft, which should be received by the end of the year. These will be the directions from Moscow to Tokyo and Shanghai. On both lines, these aircraft will replace the currently used Boeing 767, reports Sob. corr. .

Flights to Tokyo on the A330 will begin on November 24 (the first return flight is November 25). In Shanghai, the A330 will depart for the first time on December 22 (back – December 23). The new aircraft can accommodate about one hundred passengers more than the Boeing 767. Airbus A330 aircraft will allow Aeroflot to open new long-haul routes and increase the capacity on existing ones.

In total, Aeroflot intends to purchase a dozen Airbus A330 leasing. They will be used until new Boeing 787s and Airbus A350s are received, which should happen in about 7-8 years.

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Israeli authorities plan to change Eilat's image




The Ministry of Tourism of Israel intends to turn Eilat into a "leading European resort on the Red Sea." In the coming years, the city is awaiting large-scale changes.

As reported by RATA-News, it is still unclear what innovations will be introduced in Eilat for beach lovers, since the main efforts of Airtickets, cheap Flights Kiev-Gyoumri authorities are now aimed at increasing its opportunities for the development of congress and business tourism. In particular, there will be a large international conference center, and in it a casino, which is planned to be opened in 2012. In addition, the resort is expected to put into operation this year, a thousand new hotel rooms. By 2020, they will add another 7,000 rooms.

The construction of the Eilat Ice Park continues, which will include an ice rink for 3,500 people and a 400-seat theater for ice shows. The palace can also serve "Cyprus Airways" introduces additional flights. a congress center.

Finally, the multi-year plans to build a new modern airport, capable of taking large airliners, are beginning to be implemented. It will appear near the town of Timna, about 15 kilometers north of Eilat, in 2013.

According to the Minister of Tourism of Israel Stas Misezhnikov, the Red Sea still has many foreign tourists firmly associated with the Egyptian Sharm el-Sheikh. The rebranding of Eilat is designed to prove that this city is the only truly European resort in this area.

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Rest in Anapa and Gelendzhik cheap




When to rest cheap

If you want to spend less time on vacation, you should think about vacation at the beginning or at the end of the season. In May and September, housing prices are lower, hoteliers attract customers with profitable special offers. In Gelendzhik, the swimming season unofficially begins in mid-May. The water in the bay at this time reaches + 17 ° C, and there are many people who like its refreshing coolness. In Anapa in May it is still quite cold, pleasant temperatures the sea becomes to the beginning-middle of June. In the beginning-middle of September all the resorts of the Black Sea coast of the Krasnodar Territory have a "velvet season": air, water is still warm, the people are much smaller, freshly ripened fruit is sold everywhere.

If bathing for you is not the main thing, then we recommend to rest on the Black Sea coast in off-season. Before making a decision, it is worth to learn more about the weather in Gelendzhik and the weather in Anapa. We also recommend reading about what you can do in autumn, winter and spring in Gelendzhik, how best to spend time in autumn, winter or spring months in Anapa.

How to Buy Cheap Tickets

Any journey begins with the purchase of tickets. If you purchase them in advance, when the choice is greater, you can save. If you plan to fly by plane, find out which airlines fly to the airports of Anapa, Gelendzhik and other nearby cities and watch out for special offers of these carriers. Tickets for the train should be bought on the first day of the beginning of their sale (45 days before the departure date). And the cheapest tickets to railroad cars are usually bought up much faster. More in detail, to which airports and stations to look for tickets, read in our articles "How to get to Anapa" and "How to get to Gelendzhik." Tickets for the plane can be found in the section avia., On the train – in the section rzd ..

Where to live cheaply

The most expensive accommodation is usually located in the city center near the beach near attractions and entertainment. If you are not confused by a 10-15-minute walk to the sea, then it is worth to book a hotel about a kilometer from the coast – these hotels are usually cheaper. Another option is to look for housing closer to the seashore, but not in the city, but in the surrounding towns belonging to Greater Anapa and Greater Gelendzhik.To determine the hotel, we advise you to read the articles "Where to stay in Gelendzhik" and "Where to stay in Anapa". Via these links you can book a hotel in Anapa or a hotel in Gelendzhik cheap.

How to save on nutrition

If you rent accommodation in the private sector or apart-hotel, you can prepare food yourself and save on food. And in Anapa, and in Gelendzhik there are many supermarkets, they will be able to buy any products. Markets are better to visit before closing the day before the weekend: traders want to get rid of goods and significantly reduce prices.

How to save money on transport

Before booking a room or apartment, ask if the hotel owners are ready to provide you with a transfer from the airport or from the station. If you decide to get by yourself, be sure to find out how much it is to travel the right Hotel Meliá will open in London after reconstruction in the new season, otherwise taxi drivers can call any amount. However, the most economical option is public transport.

As a rule, mini-hotels have a family atmosphere: if you establish good relations with the owners, you will be "tossed" to neighboring villages or interesting sights from time to time, and at the same time will give many tips on where and what you can buy inexpensively.

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Museum of beer amsterdam




Fantastic architecture on Amsterdam e nai-dobre and se see with a boat from a canal to hail. Ima is a lot of nesh, yes, you rule and see in Amsterdam.

From the boat to the canal

Lodkite for the nykolka from Amsterdam trgvat from Tsentralnata gara, prezinavat pre Damrak (Damrak – partially pokrits canal between Centralnata gara on Amsterdam and Dam Square) and the National Museum (Rijksmuseum). Descents of the species Turov with boat Se offers in Amsterdam. Nay-do not forget to include in the official tourist page for hail.

Departures from Amsterdam

Press the kitschichki from the XVII century, the Imam is vastly prone to niwto on the clear, so that you can see much more from the beautiful façade. Eto nyakoi vlnuvashchi district for a breakdown in Amsterdam: Dam Square from the Kralka Palace (Koninklijk Paleis; Royal Palace), built prez 1665, Nova Tsarkva (Nieuwe Kerk), built prez XV century. and Starata tsarkva (nay-ryadata srada v grada), koyato datira from 1302 and it is located on the street Varmstraat (Warmoesstraat).

Museums on Van Gogh

In addition kam naygolyamata art collection in the light of Vincent van Gogh, museum on Van Gogh ima and a lot of creativity on the other Impression Catholic Monet and Gauguin. Unbelievable story on the belly on the artist e predyanena on fascinating beginnings through objasnitelni inscriptions, videos and special interactive guide.Information for working time, ticket prices and current times can be found on the site at the museum. Read the details of the article for the museum on Van Gogh.

Address: Museumplein 6

National Museum (Rijksmuseum)

The Tosi Museum of the Priests is one from the Nai-unique art collections in Celia holy from the more than 1 million exposition in the storehouse. One from emphasize in the museum e painting "Night Guard" at Rembrand. Information for the ticket and work time on the site at the museum. Read more for National Museum.

Address: Museumstraat 1

Cottage on Ana Frank

Hardly an ima nyakoy, koyto yes yes I did not feel for the improbability of a diary on a little malko mommy, pisan on time for Vtorata light war – Ane Frank. The cottage on Ana Frank in Amsterdam is deserted, the kedeto is a Jewish family. Frank se ukriva from Nazismite. Dokato se cree, Ane is describing the belly of her belly in her diary, the kite track is not intended and published. Read the details of the article for Cottage on Ana Frank.

Football stadium on Ajax

Yes gladate mache on Ajax in Amsterdam e huge amusement, dori and for tezi, koito not interested in football. You can also include this in the girder from the guide to the stadium, in time you'll get into the cobblestone in the cobblestone, you'll be patched up for the press and the others.

Address: Amsterdam Arena, Arena Boulevard 29

De Valen – Quarter with Cervenite Fenerini

De Valen (De Wallen) e tnar. "Quarter with the chernivet feeneri" in Amsterdam and its main tourist destination, located in the crocheted for a few hours on Amsterdam and crocheting the perimeter from the nykolko cut-off south of the Oweda Kerk covcat, the precha and the nykolko canal. De Valen – Quarter with Cervenite Feneri.

The Hermitage

Hermitage Amsterdam, a clone at the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg. It is located on the Amstel River and its emphasis is on the Rusko Ruska. Read and read the articles for The Hermitage.

Oude Kerk (Oude Kerk)

Oude Kerk (Oude Kerk) or Starata tsarkva e svetetena prez 1306 gg., I was the ruler of the old-fashioned building in Amsterdam. It is located in the De Wallen quarter. Oude Kirk Se stretched on a surface of 3300 sq. M and the day before it was transformed into a space for a timely season. Read the details of the article for Oude Kirk.

Krallkiyat Palace (Koninklijk Paleis Amsterdam)

Krallkiyat Palace (Koninklijk Paleis Amsterdam) e one from the trite courtyard in Holland, koito creep creep in the moment from the kralskoto family. Cogato does not creep out for official visits or ceremonies, but for arranging for a tourist trip. Read the details of the article for Krallkiyat Palace.

Dam Square

The area of ​​Dam (de Dam) is one of the oldest and most important places in the city. It is located in the historical part of Amsterdam. In the minaloto, the pazar catholic city was crammed. Dnes there is a swarm of nyakoi from the popularity of loneliness. Read more for Dam Square.

Muzeyat with vachnte figures on Madame Tuso

Privyat clone to the Museum of Madame Tyusu from the UK Great Britain, boiling go to Amsterdam in 1971 Pre-museums offer interactive prezhivyane – can you pazaruvate with Jeniphar Lopez or da sevate soccer and skills with Ronaldinho, and snooping and so do with Brad Pete. In the museum on Madame Tuso is the station and celebrity from Holland.

Zapadnata corkva (Westerkerk)

Zapadnata tsarkva (Westerkerk) e Protestant tsarkva, built in the period 1620-1631 on design on Hendrik de Kaiser. The vyrht on the kulat d reaches 85 m, some I rule nay-vysokata tsarkva in Amsterdam. Read the details of the article for Zapadnata tsarkva.

The Community Museum (Stedelijk Museum)

The community museum (Stedelijk Museum) is located in the Museum of Modern Art and is located on the square at the museum. Read more for The Community Museum.

Vondelpark (Vondelpark)

Vondelpark and communal park in Amsterdam with a total area of ​​about 485 decares. It is located west of the square on the museum.Parket e opens the prez of 1865 and ecrest on the author from the 17th century Joost van den Vondel. Read more for Vondelpark.

Byurs van Berlage (Beurs van Berlage)

Byur van Berlage (Beurs van Berlage) e fence, is located on Dam Square in the center of Amsterdam. It was built in the period 1896-1903 from the architecture of Hendrik Petrus Berlage and was designed for the drainage of the borzo. Dnes has crawled out of exposition and knocking. Read more for Byurs van Berlage.

Museum on the Erotic

In the museum's tozi, the history has been selected for the sake of pre-century beauty.

Address: Oudezijdsachterburgwal 54

Museum on marijuana and hashish

The Tosi Museum is offered at the visitor's extensive documentation and historically the fact is being used on the canapis. Merchandise is not divided into importance on the use of cannabis for environment, agriculture and industry.

Kralski Zoo Artis (ARTIS Royal Zoo)

You do not even have to go to the zoo park in Europe, you see cats in the coyote, koito is inhabited by earthman and dry land, like an aquarium and a planetarium.

Address: Plantage Kerklaan 38-40

The Museum of Allard Pierson (Allard Pierson Museum)

Tozi is incredible, the museum offers you a gauntlet from the ancient civilization through information from artifacts from Dreven Rome, Dreven Egypt, Ancient Greece, Closer outcrop.Information for working time and tickets can be seen on the site at the museum.

Address: Oude Turfmarkt 127

Amsterdam Dungeon

Tozi 80-minute tour of Preykara Prez nay-t'mnite times in Holland through 12 shows of the execution, 7 actori and eksno horosyvashcho prezhvyavane. Check the distance you can yes live the chumata, but you'll be spanked by the mocenity from the Middle Ages and disclose the faith of the pilgrimage przedalniya labyrinth. For nai-dare Ima and vlakche on horror. Information for the price on the ticket and work time in the site.

The NEMO museum is taught

NEMO e nay-holemiyat taught a museum in Holland. Pete the floor, empty from the nerve behind the crooked and prezhivyvane goods idealno not for all the curious chowek. Expositions, theater performances, filmy, rabotilnitsy and demonstrations will allow you to see, cushion, peep and feel as light works.

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