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Airport Schiphol / Schiphol (Amsterdam, Netherlands) AMS: personal experience



About the Internet at Schiphol Airport

Author: 097mcn (June 2012)

Schiphol Airport was remembered a little, except that the decommissioned reactive Fokker on the roof was very original as a museum exhibit. The Internet is free for 2 x 30 minutes

From Schiphol – to Amsterdam to take a walk, if you have 6 hours between flights

Author: jester (December 03, 2011)

A short walk will turn out.

Judge for yourself: at Amstera Airport you need to be 2 hours before departure, and I personally recommend not taking any chances, coming for 1.5 hours. It happens that the queue is moving slowly for inspection. So, it's been 4 hours already.

The road to the city and back – about an hour. It's already 3 o'clock.

Finding the outputs-inputs and stops, plus plus just a / p very large in the distances – another half hour. And this is in the most favorable scenario. If something goes wrong – time will be even less.

I'm so pessimistic because I flew through Schiphol twice a week for a long time. So I saw everything that can not be seen with occasional trips.

There is no passport control, but there is security control with queues, sometimes quite long.

By the way, until the distant gates officially go on foot 25 minutes.

And this we have not taken into account either the delay or the taxiing. (After landing, the plane still infinitely long steers to the sleeve – not exactly 5 minutes.) I even remember about twenty minutes).

No, do not worry, everything will work out for you, true, it will not be in the city and three hours.

But it's worth it!

Schiphol: problems with the common scoreboard, red payphone and luggage

Author: murraway (November 28, 2011)

I will quote the beginning of one of the reviews published here, because my acquaintance with Schiphol started the same way: "Thanks to KLM, last Monday I had an excursion to the Amsterdam Schiphol airport". However, not with a specially organized group for this purpose. And as a result of the fact that on Monday, November 28, 2011, my flight from Paris to Amsterdam was detained because of fog, and the docking flight had already departed from Amsterdam to Moscow.

Understand that I will have to re-register for the next flight, which took off in 7.5 hours, I was able to only go to the gate, passing through the border control in Schiphol, stairs, intersections and running the entire long corridor of its departure zone. Because, unlike the zone signposts, which I saw everywhere in this airport, Schiphol's management clearly disregarded monitors with a common departure board.What is very strange: in other airports, they mostly meet on the road more than once. I only managed to see the information about the status of my flight directly from the gate.

When re-registered, I was given, among other things, a coupon code – for a free five-minute phone call to anywhere in the world. It was written that it was necessary to call from a red payphone. At the same time they did not say that there was a certain ambush in this city with a payphone: a lot of devices, but blue ones. And no plan, how to find, was not given. Therefore, cherished red, I was looking for the broken minutes of forty, even the airport staff interviewed by me during the search knew its location very roughly. The device, as it turned out, was hiding in zone C near the 7th gate, modestly hiding among the blue brothers.

To top it off, my luggage to Moscow did not come with me. It was delivered two days later. Found, apparently, by smell. Probably, the cheese that I was carrying in it from Paris, for a long time left a memory of myself in Schiphol 🙂

With the exception of this, the airport is beautiful, with a diverse assortment of souvenirs in numerous duty-free.

I managed to sleep well for a couple of hours in a huge soft armchair in the recreation area: to the sounds of the TV, the hubbub of a group of gay Ecuadorians, the piano behind my back, where everyone kept playing,who is not too lazy and who, what's more, Niagara noise of a capsule of dry aqua-massage, coming from an open area of ​​a nearby spa, and under a loudspeaker announcing the flights.

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Entertainment of Amsterdam




In addition to historical and cultural monuments, many guests are attracted by the famous "Red light district" in front of the Central Station and the city's excellent retail outlets – from the fleet markets of Vatreluplein and Spain Square, the flower bazaars along the Single and the Monetnaya Ploshad (Myntplein), to the chic jewelery stores of Coster Diamonds, Amsterdam Diamond Center and others.

Traditional shopping areas are the districts of the streets of Kalverstrat, Nyve-Vendijk, Rokin, Damstrat, Leidsestrat and Wijselstraat, as well as the areas of Jordan and Magna Plaza. The Zvarte Markt market complex, located 15 km north of the city, is considered the largest market in Europe.

Reviews and travel history

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irinadob550 | November 2016

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v_solonbekov | april 2016

On this holiday, residents leave their bicycles at home,put on orange (each resident certainly has something orange, do not hesitate) and go folk walk. Read more →

pink_mathilda | april 2016

There's never been a hypocrisy about this. Port city after all – what do you want? Ships from all over the world and sailors who stepped on the ground demanded repair, rest and entertainment. Read more →

a_strunin | summer 2014

In Amsterdam, I was again on a transplant, but managed to enter the Red Light Street. There I went to the souvenir shop, where the seller began to kindly start vyarivat Viagra. Read more →

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Amsterdam hotels on map




Unfortunately, we could not find any hotels.

Do not give up! Perhaps someone at this point refused to book.

We marked on the map all the hotels in Amsterdam so that you can evaluate their location and choose the most convenient accommodation option.

The choice of the location of the hotel depends, first of all, on the purpose of the trip and the budget of the trip. The rooms in the center of Amsterdam, like in other cities of the Netherlands, are more expensive than at some distance from the main attractions.

Business tourists prefer to book hotels near railway stations and other transport hubs, as well as near exhibition centers and other points of business activity.

Tourists who come on vacation prefer to be accommodated in hotels on the central streets of the city. Find the desired address on the map and see which Amsterdam hotels are within walking distance.

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The sight of Amsterdam: the bridge of Mageret-Brug ("Skinny Bridge")




In the eastern part of the quarter, between Keizersgracht and Prinsengracht, just below the locks, Amstel crosses one of the most famous bridges of the city – Magere Brug, or "Skinny Bridge".

An indispensable background for wedding photographs, it was built of wood in 1691 and after repeated repairs was repeated in 1934 already with the use of concrete. According to legend, initially it was built with the money of two sisters who lived on different sides of Amstel and could not do without each other's company for a cup of morning coffee (gezellige midmorning). The story is rather doubtful, if only because at that time the Dutch did not know this drink yet, and the other bridges are not too far away (up to the locks only 40 meters), but it easily explains the unusual narrowness of the bridge, which hardly allowed two pedestrians to leave – money The sisters did not have enough for a more serious design.

The unusual lifting mechanism, which allowed the passage of vessels, is still in use – until 1994, it was used for its drive. the muscular strength of the caretaker!

At night, Mageret-Brug is decorated with the lights of 1200 tiny bulbs and looks amazingly photogenic (it was here that one of the scenes of Diamonds Are Forever's 1971 Bond movie was filmed).

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