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Airtickets, cheap Flights Amsterdam-Brussels



Booking of air tickets

General information about the flight

Airtickets, cheap Flights Amsterdam-Brussels

Flight from Amsterdam to Brussels is carried out by 25 airlines.

The average cost of air tickets from Amsterdam to Brussels this month is 35,246 rubles.

Airlines often reduce the prices of flights that depart at night or early in the morning, as well as flights with departures in the middle of the week. You can buy an inexpensive ticket from Amsterdam to Brussels if you book it in advance. Now the cheapest ticket for the next 30 days is worth 6 336 rubles.

The maximum flight price for the route Amsterdam – Brussels – 335 213 rubles.

How to find the cheapest flight from Amsterdam to Brussels?

Buying tickets for round trip is cheaper. Therefore, we recommend that you immediately look for tickets from Amsterdam to Brussels and back. The prices for air tickets depend on the time of departure and the day of the week, see the flights to neighboring dates to choose the cheapest and convenient option.

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Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Center, Amsterdam




  • Location: 9.2
  • Facilities 7.8
  • Clean and comfortable 8.3
  • Staff 8.3
  • Price 7.2

Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Center on a Amsterdam map

Wonderful location, cozy small double room, warm, clean. There are tea accessories. We were not bothered by anything. we were set to positive.

We did not find a bad one during the week of our stay.

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Museums of Amsterdam




Amsterdam is one of the largest art and museum centers in the world.

You can visit the largest art museum in Holland and one of the best in Europe – Rijksmuseum (1885, Flemish painting of the XV – XVII centuries.), The Dutch Historical Museum in the eastern wing of the Rijksmuseum, the Museum of Modern Art Stedelijk (modern Art), The Van Gogh Museum with the world's largest collection of his works (about 200 paintings and 580 drawings), Rembrandt Museum in the building of the XVII century. on Jodenbreastraat, The Historical Museum of Amsterdam, the famous Museum of the Tropics, Anne Frank Museum, numerous museums of diamond factories, Museum of the brewing company Heineken, Cabinet of cats, Jewish Historical Museum in a joint building of 4 synagogues. Recently in Amsterdam the world's first "zoo of microbes" – a museum Micropia.

Among the piquant places to visit, in addition to the already mentioned museum of sex and the museum of torture, in Amsterdam there is only one in Europe Museum of hashish, cannabis and marijuana on Udezijds-Ahterburgval, and also located in the next building Museum of Tattoos and many other, no less original assemblies.


Reviews and travel history

In Amsterdam it's nice to fly, come back, be snatches, fly through it in transit, run out of the airport, come by bus from neighboring countries. Read more →

mysimpletrip | autumn 2015

There's never been a hypocrisy about this. Port city after all – what do you want? Ships from all over the world and sailors who stepped on the ground demanded repair, rest and entertainment. Read more →

a_strunin | summer 2014

Today in Amsterdam, he is almost everywhere – on the streets, in museums, on souvenirs. And on the street Iodenbreterat, 4-6, – his house, which is now a museum. The Rembrandt Museum. Read more →

Highlight the day (or even half a day) on Madurodam! Here in a small park of miniatures you can see the main attractions of Holland and find out the main features of the country. Read more →

lisaflay | Fall 2014

Frankly, apart from general knowledge and attractions, nothing more interesting from the point of view of technology you will not see. But get positive emotions and vivid impressions. Read more →

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Festivals of Amsterdam




Summer festivals in Amsterdam

The city annually hosts a huge number of various festivals and festivals, and many of them and events of international level. The peak is in the summer, when the best sites of the city are:

  • Festival of Performing Arts Holland Festival (usually opens on June 1),
  • International Festival of Peace and Music "Roots" (Amsterdam Roots Festival, the end of June – the beginning of July),
  • 11-day festival of experimental theater Over Het IJ Festival (beginning – mid-July) in the shipyards of NDSM,
  • The biggest multicultural festival in Amsterdam and the main event in the life of people from Africa and Suriname – festival Kwakoe (usually fall on six weekends at the end of July – mid August) in the park Bijlmerpark,
  • one of the largest gay pride parades in Europe – Amsterdam Gay Pride (late July and early August) and the accompanying Saturday Canal Parade,
  • covering Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht Multicultural Festival De Parade (mid-August, usually the first weekend of the month),
  • free festival theater Uitmarkt (end of August, usually the last weekend).

Autumn festivals in Amsterdam

Every year during the first half of September on weekends passes Jordan Festival (Jordaan Festival), in which the streets of "the most fashionable district of Amsterdam" turn into open stage platforms for performers of all kinds, and many famous musicians do not shy away from giving a concert in an ordinary cafe.

In mid-October, the city accepts participants Amsterdam marathon (Amsterdam Marathon), gathering up to a quarter of a million participants and viewers.

November begins with the traditional Nights of museums (Museum Night, usually the first Saturday of the month), within which more than fifty collections open their doors for free visits and work until 06:00.

Annual International Amsterdam Documentary Film Festival (IDFA) opens in mid-November and provides the site with innovative and social tapes that rarely fall into a wide variety of rentals.

Winter Festivals in Amsterdam

Approximately at the same time (sometimes shifted to the beginning of December) it is necessary and perhaps the most cheerful people's festival in Amsterdam – parade of St. Nicholas (Sinterklaas), marking the eponymous day of the Catholic calendar (Sinterklaasavond). The arrival of this character from Spain, along with a retinue of hundreds of servants and black assistants known as Zwarte Pieten ("Black Peter"), turns into a real street circus,during which the "Moors" distribute biscuits to thousands of children, visit various institutions and arrange mini-performances during the procession. Yes, and fantasy in its design is used a lot.

Since that moment, the series of pre-New Year events has actually begun – closer to Christmas, Saint Nicholas and his page are visited by private houses with already calmer and familiar rituals. But itself Christmas passes in Holland quite calmly and in a family way, unlike the New Year, which, it seems, the locals spend their entire supply of fiction and fun.

Spring Festivals in Amsterdam

However, in this whole series of noisy events, it is hardly possible to forget about the main holiday of the country – the season of flowering of tulips. From mid-March to mid-May, all the fields around the city, all the markets and showcases are literally covered with a carpet of flowering flowers, there are many trade and cultural festivals that pretty much affect Amsterdam, and the third weekend of April is celebrated as Day of tulip, which has a national status.

At the end of April, one of the favorite national holidays – Queen's Day (Koninginnedag), which is also considered a day of national unity and solidarity (saamhorigheid).It is called the "Orange Holiday", as the streets are filled with merry people in the clothes of the family color for the Orange Dynasty. Also in this period are opened numerous "free bazaars" (vrijmarkt), on which anyone can put up for sale anything you like, there are hundreds of concerts of street musicians and artists. True, after Prince Willem-Alexander came to power, the holiday began to be called King's Day (Koningsdag) and moved for three days ahead, but the popularity of residents and visitors of Amsterdam did not lose.

Reviews and travel history

The Amsterdam gay parade is one of those events on which it would be a sin not to visit! In the morning the owner of the apartment, where we stayed in Amster, reminded us of the smskoy: "Make sure to watch some of Gay Pride today." It's crazy. " Read more →

k0t_b | August 2013

This is 11 am, the day after the abdication of Queen Beatrix. To my question: "Why is everything like this?" The guide replied: "Well, you see, we have 800 thousand people live and 750 thousand more have arrived" Read more →

tushinetc | July 2013

Every year on April 30, the Netherlands celebrate the Queen's Birthday. In fact, the last Queen Beatrix has a birthday in December, but who is interested in celebrating in December? Read more →

arcobalen0 | April 2013

It all started with a trip to Amsterdam.The first days of spring, frosty air, quiet water channels. Nature is not yet ready for awakening, and the city is sleepy all day, until evening comes. Then, the lights of the lanterns will hide the understanding of what the time of the year is now. Evening and night in Amsterdam are very colorful in any season. Life is boiling, the streets of red lanterns are full, and the air persistently smells dope. Read more →

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