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Brussels Airport resumed its work in a strange mode



At the airport in Brussels, affected by the terrorist attacks two weeks ago, flights were partially resumed. However, this is extremely strange – it is impossible to get to the airport by public transport, and passengers are waiting for long and tedious security checks and a very round route, according to the correspondent. .

While flights from the Brussels airport is performed only by Brussels Airlines. On Sunday, April 3, three flights were made, on Monday 4 April, two dozen are planned, on Tuesday, April 5, much more. Recall that her flights to "Aeroflot" is rapidly increasing the number of flights Moscow – Kazan are still not met, and flights to St. Petersburg are made from Liege. Flights "Aeroflot" from Moscow are canceled at least until April 7.

However, passengers who wish to fly on the restored flights from the airport of Brussels, do not envy. First, they are waiting for extra costs – no public transport goes to the airport. Those who do not want to pay for a taxi, the airport offered to "go 25 minutes from the station Zaventem." How much it takes the same way with luggage – is unknown.

Those who take advantage of a taxi or own car, too, are waiting for surprises.The first security check and document control will be at the entrance to the airport. How long it will take and whether there will be a traffic jam there is unknown. It is impossible to arrive directly to the terminal – all passengers must be landed in the parking lot P2. At the same time, only "Aeroflot" sells ultra-cheap tickets to the USA minutes of parking in this parking lot are free of charge, then you will have to pay at regular rates. Passengers with printed tickets or boarding passes can pass from the parking lot to the building with temporary check-in counters. Electronic versions of both are not accepted.

Then they are waiting for registration, which "takes more time because of security procedures," then a routine search. Baggage trolleys are not allowed in the registration area. Only in the clean zone of the airport will the process become relatively normal – apart from the fact that shops and restaurants do not work, with the exception of several cafes. To arrive at the airport, passengers are asked at least 2 hours before the departure of the intra-Geneva flights and 3 hours for the remaining routes.

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Falkland Islands expects a successful tourist year




According to the latest data provided by the tourist office of the Falkland Islands, 2012 promises to be successful for the tourist business of the archipelago – not only the number of foreigners visiting it grows, but also the average amount left by each traveler during the stay increases significantly.

It is expected that the number of guests staying at the archipelago staying here for the night will increase by 14.6% this year to more than 7,600 people, while the income from such tourists will increase by 21% and exceed 6.3 million pounds (about 7, 8 million euros). In 2015, the Falkland Islands expect to host 8,000 tourists, 4,500 of which will be citizens of the UK, according to the World Travel Market website.

The number of cruise passengers visiting the islands for only one day in the 2012/2013 season will remain unchanged compared to 2011 and will be about 35 thousand guests. It is expected that they will generate revenue of more than 1.8 million pounds (about 2.2 million euros), which is 3% more than a year earlier. The total number of guests visiting the islands in 2012 will exceed 57 thousand, and the income – 9.3 million pounds (about 11.5 million euros).

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