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Cobra Museum Amsterdam



Fantastic architecture on Amsterdam e nai-dobre and se see with a boat from a canal to hail. Ima is a lot of nesh, yes, you rule and see in Amsterdam.

From the boat to the canal

Lodkite for the nykolka from Amsterdam trgvat from Tsentralnata gara, prezinavat pre Damrak (Damrak – partially pokrits canal between Centralnata gara on Amsterdam and Dam Square) and the National Museum (Rijksmuseum). Descents of the species Turov with boat Se offers in Amsterdam. Nay-do not forget to include in the official tourist page for hail.

Departures from Amsterdam

Press the kitschichki from the XVII century, the Imam is vastly prone to niwto on the clear, so that you can see much more from the beautiful façade. Eto nyakoi vlnuvashchi district for a breakdown in Amsterdam: Dam Square from the Kralka Palace (Koninklijk Paleis; Royal Palace), built prez 1665, Nova Tsarkva (Nieuwe Kerk), built prez XV century. and Starata tsarkva (nay-ryadata srada v grada), koyato datira from 1302 and it is located on the street Varmstraat (Warmoesstraat).

Museums on Van Gogh

In addition kam naygolyamata art collection in the light of Vincent van Gogh, museum on Van Gogh ima and a lot of creativity on the other Impression Catholic Monet and Gauguin. Unbelievable story on the belly on the artist e predyanena on fascinating beginnings through objasnitelni inscriptions, videos and special interactive guide.Information for working time, ticket prices and current times can be found on the site at the museum. Read the details of the article for the museum on Van Gogh.

Address: Museumplein 6

National Museum (Rijksmuseum)

The Tosi Museum of the Priests is one from the Nai-unique art collections in Celia holy from the more than 1 million exposition in the storehouse. One from emphasize in the museum e painting "Night Guard" at Rembrand. Information for the ticket and work time on the site at the museum. Read more for National Museum.

Address: Museumstraat 1

Cottage on Ana Frank

Hardly an ima nyakoy, koyto yes yes I did not feel for the improbability of a diary on a little malko mommy, pisan on time for Vtorata light war – Ane Frank. The cottage on Ana Frank in Amsterdam is deserted, the kedeto is a Jewish family. Frank se ukriva from Nazismite. Dokato se cree, Ane is describing the belly of her belly in her diary, the kite track is not intended and published. Read the details of the article for Cottage on Ana Frank.

Football stadium on Ajax

Yes gladate mache on Ajax in Amsterdam e huge amusement, dori and for tezi, koito not interested in football. You can also include this in the girder from the guide to the stadium, in time you'll get into the cobblestone in the cobblestone, you'll be patched up for the press and the others.

Address: Amsterdam Arena, Arena Boulevard 29

De Valen – Quarter with Cervenite Fenerini

De Valen (De Wallen) e tnar. "Quarter with the chernivet feeneri" in Amsterdam and its main tourist destination, located in the crocheted for a few hours on Amsterdam and crocheting the perimeter from the nykolko cut-off south of the Oweda Kerk covcat, the precha and the nykolko canal. De Valen – Quarter with Cervenite Feneri.

The Hermitage

Hermitage Amsterdam, a clone at the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg. It is located on the Amstel River and its emphasis is on the Rusko Ruska. Read and read the articles for The Hermitage.

Oude Kerk (Oude Kerk)

Oude Kerk (Oude Kerk) or Starata tsarkva e svetetena prez 1306 gg., I was the ruler of the old-fashioned building in Amsterdam. It is located in the De Wallen quarter. Oude Kirk Se stretched on a surface of 3300 sq. M and the day before it was transformed into a space for a timely season. Read the details of the article for Oude Kirk.

Krallkiyat Palace (Koninklijk Paleis Amsterdam)

Krallkiyat Palace (Koninklijk Paleis Amsterdam) e one from the trite courtyard in Holland, koito creep creep in the moment from the kralskoto family. Cogato does not creep out for official visits or ceremonies, but for arranging for a tourist trip. Read the details of the article for Krallkiyat Palace.

Dam Square

The area of ​​Dam (de Dam) is one of the oldest and most important places in the city. It is located in the historical part of Amsterdam. In the minaloto, the pazar catholic city was crammed. Dnes there is a swarm of nyakoi from the popularity of loneliness. Read more for Dam Square.

Muzeyat with vachnte figures on Madame Tuso

Privyat clone to the Museum of Madame Tyusu from the UK Great Britain, boiling go to Amsterdam in 1971 Pre-museums offer interactive prezhivyane – can you pazaruvate with Jeniphar Lopez or da sevate soccer and skills with Ronaldinho, and snooping and so do with Brad Pete. In the museum on Madame Tuso is the station and celebrity from Holland.

Zapadnata corkva (Westerkerk)

Zapadnata tsarkva (Westerkerk) e Protestant tsarkva, built in the period 1620-1631 on design on Hendrik de Kaiser. The vyrht on the kulat d reaches 85 m, some I rule nay-vysokata tsarkva in Amsterdam. Read the details of the article for Zapadnata tsarkva.

The Community Museum (Stedelijk Museum)

The community museum (Stedelijk Museum) is located in the Museum of Modern Art and is located on the square at the museum. Read more for The Community Museum.

Vondelpark (Vondelpark)

Vondelpark and communal park in Amsterdam with a total area of ​​about 485 decares. It is located west of the square on the museum.Parket e opens the prez of 1865 and ecrest on the author from the 17th century Joost van den Vondel. Read more for Vondelpark.

Byurs van Berlage (Beurs van Berlage)

Byur van Berlage (Beurs van Berlage) e fence, is located on Dam Square in the center of Amsterdam. It was built in the period 1896-1903 from the architecture of Hendrik Petrus Berlage and was designed for the drainage of the borzo. Dnes has crawled out of exposition and knocking. Read more for Byurs van Berlage.

Museum on the Erotic

In the museum's tozi, the history has been selected for the sake of pre-century beauty.

Address: Oudezijdsachterburgwal 54

Museum on marijuana and hashish

The Tosi Museum is offered at the visitor's extensive documentation and historically the fact is being used on the canapis. Merchandise is not divided into importance on the use of cannabis for environment, agriculture and industry.

Kralski Zoo Artis (ARTIS Royal Zoo)

You do not even have to go to the zoo park in Europe, you see cats in the coyote, koito is inhabited by earthman and dry land, like an aquarium and a planetarium.

Address: Plantage Kerklaan 38-40

The Museum of Allard Pierson (Allard Pierson Museum)

Tozi is incredible, the museum offers you a gauntlet from the ancient civilization through information from artifacts from Dreven Rome, Dreven Egypt, Ancient Greece, Closer outcrop.Information for working time and tickets can be seen on the site at the museum.

Address: Oude Turfmarkt 127

Amsterdam Dungeon

Tozi 80-minute tour of Preykara Prez nay-t'mnite times in Holland through 12 shows of the execution, 7 actori and eksno horosyvashcho prezhvyavane. Check the distance you can yes live the chumata, but you'll be spanked by the mocenity from the Middle Ages and disclose the faith of the pilgrimage przedalniya labyrinth. For nai-dare Ima and vlakche on horror. Information for the price on the ticket and work time in the site.

The NEMO museum is taught

NEMO e nay-holemiyat taught a museum in Holland. Pete the floor, empty from the nerve behind the crooked and prezhivyvane goods idealno not for all the curious chowek. Expositions, theater performances, filmy, rabotilnitsy and demonstrations will allow you to see, cushion, peep and feel as light works.

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Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam




Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam

The capital of the Netherlands attracts a huge number of tourists from all over the world. Among other attractions, a special place is occupied by the Vincent Van Gogh Museum. The famous artist was born in a small town called "Groth-Zundert", but the museum decided to place in the tourist center of the country.

"Van Gogh Museum" represents the most extensive collection of works of the painter, which includes more than two hundred paintings (all written eight hundred), five hundred drawings (out of a thousand available) and seven hundred letters of his work. Considering that the artist painted the painting only ten years of his life, the number of his works is truly impressive.

Thus, the museum is not only an artistic, but also an informational value.

Museum location and itineraries

Address in local language: Paulus Potterstraat 7, Amsterdam

The museum building is located on the Museumplein next to the State Museum of the City (Stedelijkmuseum) and the National Gallery of Art (Rijksmuseum).

From the central station you can get to the Van Gogh Museum by public transport, for example, by using trams running along route No. 2 or No. 5 to the stop "Hobbemastraat".

The history of the unique park "Guell" in Barcelona.

The history of the creation of the Van Gogh Museum

Not having lived a year since the death of Vincent van Gogh, at the age of 33, his brother Theodore van Gogh died of stress. All the canvases and letters of the famous brother he left as a legacy to his widow John. Among the letters were those that reflected the correspondence between the brothers. They were very interested in the former spouse Theodora and, after reading them all, turned to the work of Vincent Van Gogh.

The woman saved most of the master's works, which later became the basis of the museum's collection. She published Van Gogh's letters in magazines and issued a three-volume meeting, glorifying Vincent among the public. Despite careful attitude to the creativity of the deceased, the wife of Theodore Van Gogh still sold several of his brother's works, faced with financial problems. After her death in 1927, the care of the collection was continued by her own son and nephew of Vincent Van Gogh – a talented engineer William Van Gogh.

Shortly after the end of World War II, William decided to organize a special museum to accommodate all of his uncle's work. He received the relevant permission of the authorities, the land for the erection of the museum and the state maintenance of the museum, which he devoted almost all his life.

The construction of the Van Gogh Museum was conducted according to the design of the architect Rietveld and lasted for ten years (1863-1873). For a wide range of visitors the museum was opened by the end of 1973. The exposition wing was attached to the museum building in 1999 (according to the project of the architect from Japan Kisyo Kurokawa). In 2013, reconstruction and repairs were carried out.

Collection of works in the Museum of Van Gogh

The museum is divided into five thematic zones, reflecting the most important periods of development of the master's work:

This early stage is marked by the predominance of dark tones, as well as the depiction of peasants engaged in work. A good example of this period is the famous painting "Eaters of Potatoes". The paintings look particularly gloomy in dim lighting; this is what is used in the hall, to create an atmosphere.

  • Arles

At this stage, Van Gogh is becoming an artist with a unique manner. The collection is dominated by landscapes saturated with images of flowers, fields and trees. A prominent representative of the collection is the famous painting "Sunflowers."

This was a difficult period for Van Gogh. The artist wrote his works in a psychiatric clinic, which was reflected in the stories.Typical vigorous strokes are being defined everywhere, restrained by a softened color palette. Perhaps the most famous canvases dating back to the San Remi period are the Irises and the Wheat Field with the Reaper.

The hall in which the works of the Auvers-sur-Oise period are located has bright lighting (which contrasts sharply with the lighting of the first hall). The artist uses rich colors and his inimitable manner of expressive writing. One of the most recognizable works is "Wheat Field with Ravens".

The mode of work and the cost of tickets to the Museum of Religion in St. Petersburg.

GameBrick is often called the "St. Petersburg Lego Museum", the founder, as already mentioned, stresses that the exposition is not connected with this company

Museum of Puppets in Moscow read

Famous kidnapping of paintings

In 2002 (the night of the eighth of December) two paintings were stolen from the Vincent Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam: "The Sea at Scheveningen" and "The Parishioners Attending the Reformed Church". The crime was declared a kidnapping of the century and caused wide public discussion.

One of the visitors to the museum (Octave Durham) and his accomplice was detained in Spain in 2003.They were charged and the robbers were arrested. However, the picture was not found. The criminals received four years in prison and were sentenced to compensation for damage, which amounted to about three hundred and fifty thousand euros. The trail of the stolen works of Van Gogh is still not found and their fate remains unknown.

The mode of operation of the museum and information about tickets

Every day, except Friday, the museum's doors are open to visitors from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm. On Friday the museum is open until 22.00.

The price of an adult ticket is 15 euros, and children and teenagers under 17 years old – 5 euros.

Attention! As a rule, long queues of people wishing to visit the museum are built. In order to save time, you can use one of the following methods:

  • 1.Get the electronic ticket on the Internet. It does not differ from paper, but it will allow you to save a little and not stand in line.
  • 2.Use the special ticket "with a tulip" (HollandPass). For owners of such tickets there is a separate, shorter queue.
  • 3. In the souvenir shop, located immediately behind the museum, sometimes sell tickets for certain visiting hours. Such tickets allow you to avoid queues.

Do you like the article? keep for updates

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Best places in Amsterdam




Shopping in Amsterdam

Amsterdam does not have the status of one of the best cities for shopping. The vast majority of tourists come here with other purposes. Nevertheless, the amateurs of shopping here also have a place to direct their attention. Let us consider in more detail what is useful in Amsterdam and where it is best to do it.

First, let's pay attention to the list of the most interesting and unique local products.

What to bring from Amsterdam?


What souvenirs can I bring from Amsterdam? This is the subject of our separate article, which examines in detail all sorts of interesting options and their cost. We give only a brief list: windmills, clusters, bulbs of tulips and the most banal magnets, trinkets, cups, saucers with national symbols.

The best place to buy souvenirs is the Flower Market.


The most famous Dutch commodity, perhaps, are cheeses. "Eden", "Gouda" – these are the most popular representatives, but this does not mean that it is necessary to buy them. In Amsterdam you can buy home-made cheeses (farmer's),as well as rather unusual options: goat cheese with caraway and other additives, colorful cheeses (red, green), etc.

Diamonds and diamonds

Everybody heard about Dutch cheese. But the fact that Amsterdam is considered to be the European capital of the facet and the trade in diamonds and diamonds is for sure an opening for many. This craft here is developed at a very high level for more than 400 years! From here and a lot of jewelry stores, where you can buy jewelry with diamonds at an affordable price.

There are a lot of such shops on one of the main streets of the city – Rokin. And you can visit the store at the Museum of Diamonds, where you can also admire the exhibition of precious stones and observe the technique of cutting diamonds by skilled craftsmen.

Goods from sex shops

In Amsterdam, there are a lot of shops for adults, where you can also glance if you want. Most of them in the famous Red Light District.


There is also a traditional alcoholic beverage in the Netherlands. And no, it's not Heineken beer 🙂 This is a woman's wife – a strong tincture on juniper. Quite similar to gin, but it has its own flavor. Why not take one bottle with you as a gift? 🙂 Actually,bring a couple of small bottles Heineken'a will also be quite symbolic, because it is here that this famous beer is produced.

Delft china

In the Dutch city of Delft has long been produced porcelain, which once served Europe as a replacement for an expensive Chinese. Produce from porcelain, not only dishes, but souvenirs. You can buy products from such porcelain as in ordinary souvenir shops, and in specialized shops.


Of course, in Amsterdam, you can buy and clothing the most common brands, as well as cosmetics and perfumes. All this here, as in any large cities, in abundance. The assortment is unlikely to surprise you, but to buy a couple of T-shirts / jacket or a new pair of shoes for you, if finances allow – why not? 🙂

Where to buy: the best places for shopping in Amsterdam

If you can not afford to leave the city without new purchases, or just enjoy spending time walking in boutiques, then pay attention to the following places.

District 9 streets

The most popular place for shopping is the so-called "District 9 streets" – several parallel streets running in the center of Amsterdam, which are a huge number of shops and the eponymous shopping center.

Haarlemmerstraat and Kalverstraat Streets

Another great place for shopping is Haarlemmerstraat Street, which is located near the Central Station, as well as Kalverstraat Street, which stretches through the historic center of Amsterdam from the Flower Market to Dam Square.

De Bijenkorf Shopping Center

On Dam Square is the largest shopping mall in Amsterdam – the 6-storey De Bijenkorf, which has been operating here since 1870. If you are serious about shopping, be sure to check out here.

Albert Cape Market

The largest market in Amsterdam is Albert Köyp. Here you can buy food, spices, herbs, etc. If you want to buy a Dutch farm cheese – it is worth a look here.

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Museum of Chocolate




m. Lviv, pl. Rinok, 6

+38 (095) 706 65 05

Hodini roboti

from 10.00 to 19.00, the vihidny – the middle.

Lviv has seen a museum of chocolate, a kind of modern decorate lasuniv and guests of the city. Museum of reports at the sites of the Lviv Historical Museum with spiral mounts of the company "AVK", Historical Museum and Vladivostok.

In the museum there are represented the chocolate-makers – from the miniature figures to the vivacity of the people. Zokrema, chocolatnye kopії celebrity vezh – Біг Бена, Ейфелевої, Пізанської, а також римського Колізею. Voni vikonany in the scale of 1: 150. On the skin of them, there were 16 to 25 kg of chocolate. On vygonovlenya kozhnozi z mіnіatyur it was known from the month before the writer.

Великі експонати цілком їстівні, їх виставлятимуть на аукціон бличе до закінчення терміну придатності, а виручені гроші будуть спрямовані на благодійність. At the same hour, small eksponati mozhna budey pridbaty directly to the museum – vah vartіst budey kolovatisya vid 10 to 250 UAH.

Вхід в музей для дітей до 10 років безкоштовний, for дороссли ціна квитка – 20 UAH.

Read responses (24)

+38 (095) 706 65 05

Якшчшпчпчдчпшщрсзоззччпшяшящпчщрннччшшшщввзззсс за заш the village on an amateur for an amateur on the fundamentals of the tables and the scheme of that ідеї і смачно поїсти і поспатиі смачно на території областиі на любителя на території України освіта вища проживає в місті Києві державної адміністрації та й ще

+38 (095) 706 65 05

+38 (095) 706 65 05

+38 (095) 706 65 05

Doug garno and savory for the lover

+38 (095) 706 65 05

He's already not there.

+38 (095) 706 65 05

Meni must have got used to stand there for hams

+38 (095) 706 65 05

I liked the children. People are divided into two groups – positively minded and forever all dissatisfied 🙂 This is for negative comments.

+38 (095) 706 65 05

To the kayan:
Absolutely with you zgodna, doreci, eksponati, without sumnivu, nazvichaini, and the museum is deprived pidkripplyu enemy of the city, tozh not potrybno so garyachkuvaty.

+38 (095) 706 65 05

Dovol'i not pogany museum is not rozumіyu chim vin so shod інших

+38 (095) 706 65 05

The coolest is the classic chocolate.

+38 (095) 706 65 05

To Hutsul:
And hto you say, vuyku, live in Lviv roblat ??
AVK – office donetsk, read the axis [***]: // [***] / ua / o_kompanii / about /
Prior to Lviv, the city does not belong to that "museum of chocolates", as though so primasavshi

+38 (095) 706 65 05

Just FAT hot chocolate. Єc so that you can robity in Lviv nekimuyu. FE!

+38 (095) 706 65 05


+38 (095) 706 65 05

Enemy of the museum lurked nykrasch.Osobisto can not wait for a while. Дівчата дуже стараються і гарно розповіюють історію chocolate. Lower BULLO said scho usi zasoromilisya that nihto nichogo not rozpovv abo without saying, zvichayno tse all lie down in the special.At my presence, the bagatos of the present have been insinuated on the prokhanja of the excursion guide. і з them як дітки так і дорослі. Exercise bula dіysno tsіkavoyu, yakshcho hearing is very important then it is possible to identify the bagat of the tic. Tom, yakshcho komus vipade mozhnivіst vіdvіdati "Museum Chocolate" in Lviv recommend not to go through povz. Kvitok not є dosit expensive and tim bilshe z empty hands nihto not vyde.

+38 (095) 706 65 05

Holy chocolate to SUPER! To the museum. I kava is always custard and savory.

+38 (095) 706 65 05

Hotila I pobachiti quietly, who was in need of help. Sorom.

+38 (095) 706 65 05

It can be seen that the Russian writings are written to the "museum" by the Russian press. Bo після відвідин цього "диво-закладу" від АВК in me, enraged by the jaws and not by chance, komus could have got into trouble there. Robіt sobі takе g. But de zavodno, ale not in Lviv!

+38 (095) 706 65 05

Every May holidays we traditionally spend with our company in Lviv and always wonder that a lot of interesting places appear in the city in a year) This time we climbed the old roofs and visited a couple of new establishments)
The chocolate museum was visited by chance, since it was not part of our plans. but it was nice to know that there is one more cozy place in Lviv.
Thanks to the organizers that helped to learn a lot of interesting things about chocolate and its history. After visiting the museum of chocolate, of course they wanted to eat. In the end, we were given a chance to try chocolate from a real chocolate fountain, and on the way out we bought different figures of chocolate and sweets and ate it all at the hotel) And, by the way, if you want to buy something from chocolate, then the prices in the chocolate museum are really lower on 20-30% in comparison with chocolate shops.

+38 (095) 706 65 05

Yesterday, at the end, we got to the chocolate museum "AVK".
I heard about this on TV for a long time and my child's classmates told me about their impressions.
Registration for the tour takes place at the girl below and we had to give one hour, while our tour begins. But a surprise for us was that the ticket price includes an idyllic visit to the Italian courtyard, where we happily spent the hour making photos and after drinking coffee in a local cafe.
When they got to the museum – they were immediately surprised by the warmth with which they treat visitors, although in Lviv they treat tourists like that. We were told about the history of chocolate and well,that for a long time they did not torment us and after 15 minutes we were waited with a free chocolate tasting, which again surprised us pleasantly, because, for example, in the Prague chocolate museum we had to pay 60 UAH each. from a person for the opportunity to try one candy.
At the end of the exit we were given each a box of chocolates. The box was over there and inside we found a bunch of delicious sweets, which almost all my child ate on the train.
Lviv is very interesting and hospitable city and it is nice that there are so many good places where it is interesting tasty and informative.
We would have such in our Dnepropetrovsk.

+38 (095) 706 65 05

+38 (095) 706 65 05

I do not know yak їхній a museum, але chocolate АВК – жахливий! Вірю, що попередні дописувачі speaking the truth.

+38 (095) 706 65 05

Кава та чай з cooler – ніякі, ціна квитка 30 грн, 5-10 хв розповіді деілька експонатів з chocolate
In Lvivskie Tsukerny i izmachnіshe i bіlshi ekspontativ
And taka KAVA "advertising" Lvivskie kavjaren

+38 (095) 706 65 05

atstoy, and not a museum. do not go tudi nikoli.

+38 (095) 706 65 05

Sjogodnі vіdvіdali dani museum. Взагалі не розумію за що беруть 30 грн. (vartість вхідного квитка). In the end, rozcharuvannya: I turn on the excursion (yakso so you can name it) zatrimalasya 10 xv. Potim for a small confused prishchennyi stretching 7 hv.dovchinka rozpovidala z chogo vigotovlyaetsya chocolat і як робили виставкові фігури. A quiet fіghur zovsіm little – at spetsіalіzovaniyh kramnitsy L'vov, yakі neschodavno vіdkryli, mozhna pobachiti nabagato bіshe chocolatnykh fіghur. "Istorichna skladshchina" takozh did not spread its scales – on the telebachennyu all the pomposing looked. Dali requested a meeting with a friend of the kenneth, de de sentries were already squeezed with waffle sticks, hardened with hot chocolate (iz chocolate fountain). Usse tse "sugerly greasy" is served on plastic single-use tarelkah. In the same room, a boule is boothed with a stand with ricotta zukerkami from the company AVK. The tour guide lagidno povidomila, scho prigostit dermal із цього stand, hto rozkazhe vіrsh, zaspіvaє abo іsche schos. The Usi were bogged down. Malech of the beaver was walking along that gorgeous stand and reading zikerki with greedy ochicates. Well, they could have used the tsukertzi distribution. Could. True, when vihodi hto pridbav kvitok – a small gift, and hto priishov on the requested – zaski. There are so many things to be found in the museum of chocolate, well, it's important to have a bow in the third place, and on the clichés there are a lot of things in it.))))))))))))) In short, the enemy dobrich zovsim little .Якщо сім, я з 3-йоох осіб planу відвідати цей museum, поррте, краще купити дитині кілограм добрих цукерок. The pleasure will be much shorter.

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