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ViNTERA.TV is an information partner IX INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE "DIGITAL TV RUSSIA & CIS: DIGITAL ETHER, NONLINEAR CONTENT, BLOCKCHAIN, ULTRA HD HDR", which will be held on October 18, 2018 in Moscow, the Marriott New Arbat Hotel.

The company ViNTERA.TV is the information partner of the market of the World Content Market 2018, which will be held from May 29 to May 31, 2018 in the Event Hall "InfoProstranstvo".

The company ViNTERA.TV is the information partner of the leading event of the year in the field of blocking technologies and crypto currency – Russianblockchainweek 2018, which will be held in Moscow in Skolkovo Technopark from May 21-25, 2018.

The company ViNTERA.TV is the information partner of the 3rd International Forum "Connected Future. Transformation of TV and MEDIA ", which will be held in Moscow in the hotel" HolidayInn Sushevsky "on April 17, 2018.

ViNTERA.TV is the information partner of the International Conference "Advanced and Value Added Services Russia 2018", which will be held on April 26, 2018 in Moscow, the hotel "HolidayInn Sushevsky".

The company ViNTERA.TV is the information partner of the 22nd international forum "MAC'2018", which will be held on April 26, 2018 in Moscow, Expocenter.

The company ViNTERA.TV is the information partner of the 2nd international forum "TeleMultiMedia Forum 2018: The Present and Future of Media Consumption in Russia and the World"which will be held on April 24, 2018 in Moscow within the framework of the 30th International Exhibition of Information and Communication Technologies "Communication".

The company ViNTERA.TV is the information partner of the conference on web analytics and the effectiveness of Internet marketing – iMetrics 2017, which will be held from November 15 to 16 in Moscow, CrystalBallroom (MIBC Moscow City, Oko Tower)

The company ViNTERA.TV is the information partner of the market of the World Content Market 2017, which will be held from November 13 to 15, 2017 in the Event-Hall "InfoProstranstvo", Moscow

The company ViNTERA.TV is the information partner of the National Advertising Forum 2017, which will be held from October 31 to November 1, 2017 in the World Trade Center, Moscow

ViNTERA.TV is an information partner of the "Silver Mercury-2017" ADVERTISING AND MARKETING SERVICE FESTIVAL, which will be held from 6 to 8 June 2017 in TESLA PLACE (Moscow)

ViNTERA.TV is an information partner XXI International Forum (IAU), which will be held on June 2, 2017 in the Conference Center "Na Filippovskom" (Moscow)

The company ViNTERA.TV is the information partner of the international forum "TeleMultiMedia Forum 2017: The Present and Future of Media Consumption in Russia and the World", which will be held on April 27, 2017 within the framework of the 29th International Exhibition of Information and Communication Technologies "SVYAZ" (Moscow, Expocenter ").

The company ViNTERA.TV is an information partner of the leading international market of the World Content Market, which will be held in Moscow on May 30 – June 1, 2017 in the Event Hall "InfoProstranstvo".

Vintera.TV is an information partner of the seventh forum «TELECOMS LOYALTY & Customer Data Monetization: Customer retention and marketing analytics». The event will be held in Moscow on December 14, 2016, at the hotel Marriott Moscow Grand Hotel.

Vintera.TV is the information partner of the second International Business Forum "Cloud Servises & Big data: Technologies for Business", which will be held on December 8, 2016, at the Holiday Inn Suschevsky Hotel, Moscow, ul. Suschevsky Val, 74.

The company Vintera.TV is a partner of the 9th Russian Interactive Week (RIW), which will be held on November 1-3, 2016 in the Moscow Expocenter (8 pavilion).

Vintera.TV is a partner the first National Advertising Forum (7-8 December) and "National Award of Business Communications" (7 December), which will take place in Congress Park Radisson Royal Hotel Moscow.

The company Vintera.TV was a partner of the International Conference "Development of OTT Services in Russia – OTT Russia 2016", which was held on October 20, 2016, in the hotel "Holiday Inn Suschevsky".

HD Media Company was the information partner of the largest exhibition and conference in the field of telecommunications IBC 2016 (, which took place from 9 to 13 September 2016. in Amsterdam.The event brought together more than 55,000 professionals, 1600 exhibitors from more than 170 countries.

Vintera.TV was a partner the most ambitious startup conference Startup Villagewhich was June 2-3 on the territory of the Innovation Center "Skolkovo".

HD Media Company was an information partner of the Market and conferences of the World Content Market, which passed from May 30 to June 1, 2016. Event-Hall "InfoProstranstvo" in the center of Moscow.

The company ViNTERA.TV was an information partner International Exhibition of Information and Communication Technologies Communication – 2016, which was held from 10 to 13 May 2016. in the Expocentre Fairgrounds.

The company ViNTERA.TV was an information partner XX International Forum "Forming the Unified Russian Telecommunication Network on the Basis of Next Generation Networks", which was held on May 12, 2016. within the framework of the Sviaz-2016 exhibition.

The company ViNTERA.TV was an information partner Of the Great Media-Communication Forum, which was held from May 10 to May 12, 2016. in the Expocentre Fairgrounds.

The company ViNTERA.TV was an information partner IV international conference on topical issues of digital marketing, – SNCE 2016, which was held on April 26, 2016. at Cortiard Marriot Moscow City Center Hotel, Moscow.

The company ViNTERA.TV was an information partner a business conference dedicated to the latest developments in the mobile applications and IT industry – MATE 2016which was On April 26 in Moscow, "Courtyard By Marriott Moscow City Center".

The company ViNTERA.TV was an information partner International exhibition and conference of promising information and communication technologies for business Expo Comm Russia 2016. The event was held from 19 to 21 April 2016, VDNH, Pavilion 75.

HD Media was an information partner Jubilee Forum RIF + CIB, which passed April 13-15 in the Moscow Region boarding house "Forest Distances".

The company ViNTERA.TV was an information partner International Forum «ConnectedFuture: Transformation of TV and Media », which was held on March 23, 2016. at Radisson Blu Belorusskaya.

The company ViNTERA.TV was an information partner of the international forum "TELECOMS LOYALTY & Customer Data Monetization: Customer retention and marketing analytics »», Which passed December 9, 2015, Marriott Moscow Hotel Tverskaya.

The company ViNTERA.TV was the information partner of the V international forum "Broadband Russia Forum 2015 – Development of Next Generation Networks in Russia", which was held on November 26-27, 2015 at the Holiday Inn Lesnaya.

HD Media is an information partner market of WorldContentMarket, which the was held from November 16 to 18, 2015 (Moscow, Hotel Metropol).

The company ViNTERA.TV is an informational partner of the Day of the Entertainment Forum and the Show of Technologies "Open Innovations". Event passed from October 28 to November 1, 2015 (VDNH, 75 pavilion).

News about the show and the Forum here and here >>

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Young and rich: the youngest billionaire women of 2017




In the list of the richest people of the planet Forbes got 16 women under the age of 40 years.

The youngest of them – Alexandra Andresen with a fortune of $ 1.2 billion – is only 20 years old, the richest is 35-year-old Chinese woman Yan Huiyan. 55% stake in the Chinese developer Country Garden Holdings, which she transferred to her father in 2007, today cost $ 9 billion.

Most often, young billionaires owe their fortunes to fathers and grandfathers. For example, the list includes three heirs of Ludwig Georg Brown, who made B.Braun one of the leaders in the world market of medical products. Also in it were two heirs Johan Andresen, the head of the investment group Ferd, and two granddaughters of Lars Lundberg, who at one time started the business of the company L.E. Lundbergforetagen.

But there are exceptions. Chen Xiaoying, 40, founded the logistics company STO with her brother, and it was this case that became the source of her wealth.

1. Alexandra Andresen

Age: 20

Condition: $ 1.2 billion

Place in the world ranking Forbes-2017: 1678

Source of wealth: Ferd

Citizenship: Norway

Family status: Single

Alexandra Andresen is the youngest of the world's billionaires.She and her sister Katarina (a year older) gained their 10-digit state after their father, Johan Andresen transferred each of them a 42% stake in the family investment company Ferd, which manages hedge funds, acts as an investor on the Norwegian stock exchange and is engaged in asset management. The sisters themselves do not work in the company. Manages Ferd Johan Andresen: he controls 70% of the votes through the structure of a joint stock company, which includes two classes of shares.

Alexandra is thrice Norwegian dressage champion.

2. Katarina Andresen

Age: 21

Condition: $ 1.2 billion

Place in the world ranking Forbes-2017: 1678

Source of wealth: Ferd

Citizenship: Norway

Family status: Single

The elder sister of Alexandra Andresen Katharina by her hit in the rating Forbes also owes a share of 42% to the family investment company Ferd. Now she studies at the University College of Amsterdam.

In general, the Andresen family in Norway is known for more than 100 years, mainly because of their tobacco brand Tiedemanns. Their share in the tobacco business, they in 2005 sold Skandinavisk Tobakskompagni for $ 480 million.

3. Eva Maria Brown-Lucky

Age: 30

Condition: $ 1.3 billion

Place in the world ranking Forbes-2017: 1567

Source of wealth: B. Braun

Citizenship: Germany

Family status:

Eva Maria is the daughter of Barbara Brown-Lyusik, a member of the supervisory board of the German medical company B. Braun. Cousin Barbara Brown – Lyudik Georg Ludwig Georg Brown – began to manage the company in 1977. Then the sales of the company were only $ 24 million. Now B. Braun is one of the world's largest manufacturers of medical products (equipment for hospitals, surgical instruments, dialysis equipment) with 54,000 employees and $ 6.5 billion of annual revenue. Eve Maria Brown-Lyusik belongs to the company in 11.7%.

4. Carolyn Hagen Kjös

Age: 33

Condition: $ 2.5 billion

Place in the world ranking Forbes-2017: 814

Source of wealth: Canica

Citizenship: Norway

Family status: married, 2 children

In the 1970s, the father of Karolin Hagen Kjös, Stein Erik Hagen, and her grandfather created a network of Rimi supermarket discount stores. Later, in 1998, Rimi merged with the Swedish ICA group, and then with the Dutch retailer Ahold. Eventually, Hagen sold his share and founded Canica, which now has stakes in different companies: for example, in Orkla, the consumer goods manufacturer, and the Jernia hardware store chain. Caroline Hagen Kjös became the chairman of the board of directors of the family firm in 2014.

5. Tatiana Kaziraghi

Age: 33

Condition: $ 2.4 billion

Place in the world ranking Forbes-2017: 867

Source of wealth: Bavaria, SABMiller

Citizenship: Monaco

Family status: married, 1 child

Grandfather Tatiana Casiraghi Julio Mario Santo Domingo was the owner of the Colombian brewing company Bavaria, which in 2005 traded a 15% stake in the brewing giant SABMiller. He died six years later, leaving one third of his inheritance to Alejandro and Andres Santo Domingo (two uncles of Tatiana Kazirgai) – Alejandro became the face of the family and continues to manage her money. Another one-sixth of the inheritance was given to Tatiana and her brother Julio Mario Santo Domingo the Third, the New York DJ (their father died in 2009). In 2013 (then still), Tatiana Santo Domingo married a representative of the royal family of Monaco, Andrea Casiraghi (it is believed that he is the second of the pretenders to the throne of the principality).

Age: 35

Condition: $ 9 billion

Place in the world ranking Forbes-2017: 140

Source of wealth: Country garden holdings

Citizenship: China

Family status: married

Yang Huiyan owns a 55% stake in the Chinese developer Country Garden Holdings: the share in the company was transferred to her father in 2007. The company together with the government of Malaysia is developing a project Forest City worth $ 36 billion – next to the border of Malaysia and Singapore. Younger sister Yang is also a member of the company's board of directors.

7.Katharina Martinson

Age: 35

Condition: $ 1.1 billion

Place in the world ranking Forbes-2017: 1795

Source of wealth: L.E. Lundbergforetagen

Citizenship: Sweden

Family status: married

Katharina Martinson and her sister Louise Lind have a 14% interest in the investment company L.E. Lundbergforetagen, which invests in property management and other businesses, including pulp and paper production. The company was founded by Katarina Martinson's grandfather Lars Lundberg in 1944 – then she specialized in construction. Her father started running the company in 1981. Martinson is on the board of directors of seven group companies, including the Indutrade industrial group and Husqvarna power tools manufacturer.

8. Marie Benieu Bovalo

Age: 36

Condition: $ 4.1 billion

Place in the world ranking Forbes-2017: 441

Source of wealth: Lactalis

Citizenship: France

Family status: married

Marie Beaulieu Bovalo, as well as her brothers Emmanuel and Jean Michel – the heirs of the founder of Lactalis, Europe's largest producer of dairy products. Father Marie Beaulieu Bovalo launched the case in their hometown of Laval in western France. Today, the company's sales are $ 18 billion a year.Among the products that Lactalis produces are Brie President cheese and Milkmaid yoghurts. Manages the company Emmanuelle Bénier. Lactalis also owns shares in the Italian Parmalat and the French Frommageries Bel.

9. Johanna Brown

Age: 37

Condition: $ 1.1 billion

Place in the world ranking Forbes-2017: 1795

Source of wealth: B. Braun

Family status:

Johanna Brown is the youngest daughter of Ludwig Georg Brown, who led the manufacturer of medical products B. Braun to its current indicators: 54,000 employees and revenue of about $ 6.5 billion a year. Johannes Brown owns a 10% stake in the company.

Age: 37

Condition: $ 1.1 billion

Place in the world ranking Forbes-2017: 1795

Source of wealth: L.E. Lundbergforetagen

Citizenship: Sweden

Family status: married

Like her sister Katharina Martinson, Louise Lindh owns a 14% stake in the investment firm L.E. Lundbergforetagen and is a member of the board of directors of several group companies, like her father Fredrik Lundberg, who joined the group in 1981. Linda herself runs a division of the company that specializes in real estate.

11. Julia Etker

Age: 38

Place in the world ranking Forbes-2017: 1030

Condition: $ 2 billion

Source of wealth: Dr August Oetker

Citizenship: Germany

Family status: married

Julia Etker is the youngest daughter of the billionaire Rudolph-August Etchera, the owner of Dr August Oetker.The company, which now employs 26,000 people and which brings $ 15 billion in revenue per year, was born in 1891, when pharmacist August Etker began to trade in baking powder – baking powder. After World War II, his grandson, Rudolf-Augustus, a former SS officer, turned Oetker into one of the most recognizable German brands. In the 1950s, he sold 750 million packs of baking powder. Over time, Etker diversified the business: went into the sectors of container transportation, beverage production, financial services and premium hotels. He died in 2007 at the age of 90 years. He left 8 children from three marriages, each of which inherited 12.5% ​​of the conglomerate. Because of disagreement about the company's future, they broke up into two camps: children from the first two marriages can not come to a compromise with children from the third. It came to the point that they had to agree to appoint an external CEO in 2017. Julia Etker is married to the Italian count Jose-Antonio Ruiz-Berdejo y Sigurta.

12. Anna Maria Brown

Age: 38

Place in the world ranking Forbes-2017: 1795

Condition: $ 1.1 billion

Source of wealth: B. Braun

Citizenship: Germany

Family status: married, 2 children

Anna Maria Brown is the daughter of Ludwig Georg Brown and the president of the company B. Braun (medical products) for the Asia-Pacific region. At the moment, it owns 10% of the company. In her position she joined in April 2016.

Age: 38

Place in the world ranking Forbes-2017: 1940

Condition: $ 1 billion

Source of wealth: Oriental Energy Co.

Citizenship: China

Family status: married

Zhou Yifeng heads the board of directors founded in 1996 by Oriental Energy Co. The company is engaged in the import and distribution of liquefied petroleum gas. Yifeng graduated from Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the University of Science and Technology in Nanjing.

Age: 39

Place in the world ranking Forbes-2017: 717

Condition: $ 2.8 billion

Source of wealth: Bauer Media Group

Citizenship: Germany

Family status: married, 2 children

Bauer is a representative of the fifth generation of the Bauer Media Group, one of the largest media holdings in Europe, comprising 600 magazines, 400 digital products and 100 TV and radio stations around the world. It was founded in 1875, when Johann Andreas Ludolph Bauer opened a printing house in Hamburg to print business cards. Global expansion began by Father Yvonne Bauer Heinz Henrik with the launch in 1981 of the US magazine Woman's World.To date, the company is represented in 20 countries, employs 10,000 people, and has an annual income of $ 2.4 billion. Bauer owns 85% of the family publishing empire, which her father transferred to her in December 2010. Yvonne Bauer, despite the fact that most of the publications of the holding belong to a popular culture, actively advocates freedom of the press. In 2014 she married a German TV journalist and producer Enno Koch, they have two children – one-year-old twins.

15. Charlotte Soderstrom

Age: 40

Place in the world ranking Forbes-2017: 939

Condition: $ 2.2 billion

Source of wealth: H & M

Citizenship: Sweden

Family status: married, 3 children

Charlotte Soderstrom is the daughter of Sweden's richest man Stefan Persson, chairman of the board of directors of the global mass-market retailer H & M, whose shares she owns. The company was founded in 1947 by her grandfather Erling Persson. Her brother, billionaire Karl-John Persson became CEO of H & M in 2009. Another brother Soderstrom, Tom Persson, and Aunt Lottie There are also holders of billions of fortunes. Soderstrom is involved in H & M issues of sponsorship.

Age: 40

Place in the world ranking Forbes-2017: 1234

Condition: $ 1.7 billion

Source of wealth: STO

Citizenship: China

Family status:

Chen Xiaoying is the president of the Chinese express delivery company STO. Her brother is Chen Dejun, billionaire, chairman and co-founder of this logistics company.

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Cancun is a famous resort on the Caribbean Sea. Hotel NYX Hotel Cancun Formerly Avalon Grand




Cancun – is located on the Yucatán Peninsula, Quintana Roo State and is one of the most famous resorts on the Caribbean Sea. Once Cancun was a small fishing village and only in the 70s of the last century it began to develop rapidly as a sea resort. Now Cancun is a favorite vacation spot for Americans. Yes, and our tour operators, if you send tourists to Mexico, then in most cases it is in Cancun.

Our Cancun in bad weather

Cancun is famous for its brightly turquoise Caribbean Sea and snow-white long beaches.

Cancun is conditionally divided into two parts

  • Cancun Downtown (the city of Cancun itself, where local residents live, back-ups and winterers)
  • The hotel zone (Hotels Zona or Zona Hotelera)

Resort Features of Cancun

The hotel zone runs along the Kukulkan Boulevard and is a seven-digit stretch along the sea, on one side of which is the Caribbean Sea, and on the other side of the Nichupte Bay (where crocodiles live, by the way!), Along the coastline there are hotels, mostly levels 4 and 5 stars.

Most hotels offer rest on an all-inclusive basis.

Most hotels in Cancun are multi-storey concrete buildings with a not very large territory. To whom as, and I do not like such multi-storey hotels on the beach.I prefer not big bungalows on the beach, for example, in Tulum, or Koh Samui, or Pangan.

The short side of the "seven" is less windy, there are rarely waves, from the storms the beach closes the Island of Women, located in the Caribbean Sea nearby.

Beaches without waves in Cancun it's beaches from 1 to 10 km, BEFORE the bend, which is called Punta Cancun.

The long side of the Seven attracts tourists with a long beach strip, a more beautiful beach, but the sea there is often not calm, in some places it's simply dangerous to swim because of subtle currents.

Beaches with waves in Cancun are beaches with 10 to 20 km.

Cancun Beach

Cancun Beach very long, each part is designated by kilometers. The kilometrage is considered from the north to the south. For example:

  • The beach is 2 km long called Pearl beach and is popular with locals and tourists with children
  • At 4 km is the beach Linda, which is always crowded. From it sent boats with a glass bottom on the island of Mujeres
  • At 6 km is located Turtle beach, which is suitable for rest with children, because there is a gentle entry to the sea
  • At 8 km is the beach Snail, which is suitable for water skiing, because there are no undercurrents. This is the center of Cancun's nightlife
  • At 13 km is the beach Marlin, where less crowded, here on the site of the Ritz Carlton is a small turtle nursery
  • At 14 km Whale beach – one of the most beautiful beaches on the coast
  • A little further – at 18 km is located Dolphin beach, which suits lovers of solitude, there are no crowds of tourists and you can often see dolphins!

Cancun has everything you need for an excellent holiday: premium hotels, beautiful sea, amusement parks, restaurants, shopping centers and many nightclubs. Many tourists come to Cancun to hang out 🙂

Cancun how to get there

In Cancun there is an international airport, where dozens of flights from different countries arrive every day.

  1. From Russia and Ukraine to Cancun in high season you can get on charter flights. Most tickets are not sold separately, but only with a tour
  2. Cancun directly accessible by Aeroflot
  3. Cancun can be reached with a transfer through Europe by Air France (via Paris), KLM (via Amsterdam), Iberia (via Madrid), Lufthansa and via the USA by Delta. Important! When you fly through the United States you need an American visa!
  4. From Mexico City and other cities of Mexico in Cancun, fly local airlines: InterJet, VivaAerobus, Volaris, AirMexico

Cancun can be reached by bus from other cities in Mexico.The central bus station is located in downtown Cancun (in Downtown). We traveled to Cancun from Mexico City by Volaris. Tickets were bought three weeks before the trip on their website. A ticket for one person on the Mexico-Cancun-Mexico route cost $ 200. Local airlines often have promotions for which from Mexico City to Cancun and back can fly for 100-150 dollars.

Initially, I knew that in Cancun itself I would not want to rest: I do not like skyscrapers of concrete on the beach, night parties and all-inclusive hotels. And the prices for everything in Cancun are much more expensive than in other parts of Mexico. But I wanted to look at the snow-white beach and the turquoise Caribbean Sea 😎 Therefore it was decided to spend the night in Cancun before traveling by car in Mexico.

It was planned that we would arrive on the Eve in 12 days, pick up the rented car, settle in the hotel NYX Hotel Cancun Formerly Avalon Grand and even have time to buy in the sea and a little tan before our 12-day trip.

The flight Mexico City – Cancun lasts about 2 hours, during the flight even gave out cookies, juice and coffee. We flew to Cancun exactly on schedule, got out of the plane and fell into a shower! And on the surrounding landscapes with marshes instead of fields, it was clear that the rain here is not the first day. Of course, this spoiled our mood.After waiting a while for the person who met us from the rental office of the American car rental, we went to their office, decorated and took the car and went to look for our hotel.

Hotel in Cancun on the beach

Hotel NYX Hotel Cancun Formerly Avalon Grand I booked on the site I chose the most inexpensive hotel in the hotel zone of Cancun. Our hotel cost us $ 64 plus taxes 14%, total 73 dollars. Of course, you could find the hotel much cheaper, in the city of Cancun, but I really wanted to live on the shore of the Caribbean Sea.

Special offers on hotels in Cancun

NYX Hotel Cancun Formerly Avalon Grand is located on 11.5 km of Cancun beach. Accommodation in the room according to the rules of the hotel at 15:00 and despite the fact that there was a shower and it seemed like the hotel had a lot of free rooms, we did not want to populate before the due time. Well, this is not Thailand, where always the issue of early settlement was solved without problems, even at a hotel in Bangkok.

Leaving the car in the hotel's private parking (By the way, the parking in the hotel is not very convenient.It is in a basement room, and there is no staircase or elevator directly in the lobby, you have to walk across the street, and in such a rain that we found in Cancun it is not at all comfortable) we went to the nearest shopping center, which is just across the street from the NYX Hotel Cancun Formerly Avalon Grand.

Flamingo Mall – a small shopping center, or rather I would call it not a shopping center, but a place where souvenir shops and one small store with cookies-beer-water are under one roof. Here is the Steak House restaurant. Since we still wanted to eat, we had lunch there. Prices after Mexico City seemed to us not cheap. But the dishes were all very tasty 😎

My first Margarita cocktail in Mexico 🙂 Very tasty spaghetti with seafood! I still remember 🙂

For spaghetti with seafood, fish with garnish and a margarita cocktail, we paid 550 pesos (44 dollars).

After they went to the hotel, they finally got the keys to the room.

NYX Hotel Cancun Formerly Avalon Grand – street view

Entrance to the hotel View from the entrance to the hotel on the bay of Nichupte

I booked the cheapest room (a small room, located in a quiet part of the hotel, according to reviews – in a basement room and without a window or with a small window). We were given a huge family room overlooking the pool and the Caribbean Sea. It seems that the hotel was semi empty, and we only came for one night, so we decided to settle in a good room 😎

The room has two rooms, each with a huge bed, TV, refrigerator and even a coffee maker. 😎

And most importantly – a huge balcony, from which a magnificent view of the Caribbean Sea. It is a pity that we did not manage to enjoy the sea views from the balcony – the rain did not stop …

There would be no rain – on the balcony you can have a great time with a view of the Caribbean Sea 🙂

View from the balcony of the room to the pool and the Caribbean Sea. Even in a storm and a thunderstorm the sea has a bright turquoise color! (no photoshop in the photo there, I just do not know how to use them :))

The NYX Hotel Cancun Formerly Avalon Grand has several swimming pools, a jacuzzi, a small sports hall with running tracks, a restaurant. And most importantly – the most beautiful beach.

One pool is located between the buildings Jacuzzi The second pool overlooking the Caribbean Sea Pool next to the beach, but in that pink house gym hall Cancun Formerly Avalon Grand Beach

Despite the rain, we put on raincoats and tried to walk along the beach.

Walking in the rain and wind along the beach of Cancun The turquoise Caribbean Sea remains so even in a storm! Cancun Beach 12 km

But it did not work out very well: I had never seen such rain and wind! We tried to plunge into the Caribbean Sea, but rescued us from there. I wanted to swim in the pool, but the water, and the air were cold.

I'm trying to swim in the pool 🙂

I had to go to the room to warm 😎

By the way, WiFi in our room caught, although in the description of the hotel it was said that free WiFi only in the lobby, and in the rooms for a fee.

So we were not lucky with the rest in Cancun. We went to bed at 9 pm, and at 6 am we got up to go further. The first days in general easily got up at 6 am, the difference in time between Mexico and Moscow: 10 hours.

In the morning we photographed a beautiful sunset over the Caribbean Sea

And finally a small video from our balcony 😎

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What to bring from Goa: we buy spices, Ayurvedic cosmetics and medicines




As the smallest Indian state, Goa has become extremely popular with Russian travelers.

On the low prices in Goa there are legends – wanderers come here all winter and live comfortably for pennies.

When the fairy tale comes to an end, the question arises – what to take home as a gift? Our compatriots carry cosmetics, medicines, spices and tea from Goa, but there are more entertaining things here.

We will dive into the ocean of Indian souvenirs and try to choose the most worthy specimens for our collection.

What to bring from Goa: gifts of the jungle

Banal magnets and cards can be bought in any hotel store, but what if you want something extraordinary?

In search of original souvenirs and gifts, we will go to the realm of flea markets, which are located in Arpor and Anjuna.

Here is a short list of gifts, exported by our compatriots from Goa:

  • spices and spices;
  • tea;
  • silk;
  • sari;
  • handicrafts;
  • Tibetan shawls;
  • hand-made cigarettes "bidi";
  • rum;
  • valuable jewellery;
  • incense;
  • figures of elephants;
  • psychedelic canvases.

Bulgaria is an amazing land, caressed by the sun. What to bring from Bulgaria, so that you can remember this beautiful country on a studded winter evenings, this is our article.
Did you know that to visit in Side with the child a link. Prepare to travel in advance so that young tourists do not get bored.

In this chapter, we will focus on the gifts of local nature – products that will spice up your food, make soft skin and rid you of severe ailments. Go.

  • Tea. If you are in these blessed places, then know that you can bring tea from Goa, because India is the birthplace of tea. Varieties of this drink here in bulk. It is sold in gift boxes, by weight, in packages and placers.
    However, on Goa you need to purchase this drink carefully – the local people like to "fool" ignorant Europeans with flavors.
    Popular tea brands – Godrej Tea, Tata Tea, Brooke Bond, Lipton, Twinnings.
  • Cosmetics. The rapidly expanding cosmetic market of India began to interest European women, so the question became urgent: what kind of cosmetics can I bring with Goa?
    Especially appreciated protein masks and shampoos for hair "Hymalaya", but enough in Goa and other quality cosmetics – gels, scrubs, creams and soaps.
    Also worthy of Indian make-up, consisting of natural ingredients.
    Prices for "Hymalaya" brand products start from Rs. 100.
  • Spice. This good in India is also in bulk. When you enter the market, your eyes literally run up – most of Indian spices we have not even heard of.
    As a souvenir, it is better to take out a ready-made set (masala) – they can be added to the original dishes of Indian cuisine. Make sure that the packing of the goods is tight.
    Which spices to pay attention to? The most popular brands in the spice market are Catch, MDH, Mothers Recipe, Everest, Priya.
  • Medications. In India, pharmaceuticals have risen to unprecedented heights. Medicines here are good and inexpensive, so the products of local pharmacies can be purchased without looking back. True, you need to do this carefully because of the language barrier – not everywhere on the boxes there are English words, but there are not any Russians either.
    So, what are the drugs worth taking? We recommend to pay attention to Ayurvedic preparations:
  • Tulasi (coping with catarrhal diseases);
  • NEEM (irreplaceable for viral lesions of the gastrointestinal tract);
  • Kailas Jeevan (useful in case of insomnia).

Prices for some souvenirs

The hour of concrete figures has struck.

Now we will shock the imagination of wanderers, accustomed to expensive boutiques of northern latitudes.

  • bronze figures of Hindu deities – 3-5 dollars;
  • Indian silk – from 2.5;
  • a set of spices – from 50 cents per 250 grams;
  • Incense – from 20 cents per package;
  • sweet "delicious" – from 5 bucks per kilogram;
  • cosmetics – from the dollar;
  • paintings of local artists (dominated by the style of a la Madhubani) – from $ 20;
  • carved figures (material – sandalwood) – from 10;
  • discs with mantras – about a dollar;
  • tea – 5-15 dollars per kg;
  • rum «Old Monk» – 3-12 dollars per bottle;
  • cigarettes "bidi" (twisted by hand) – 10 cents per pack;
  • Kashmir shawl – from 5 "green".

What to bring with Goa as a gift

The essence of the gift depends on the person of the donee. Girls, of course, should carry fabrics, cosmetics, spices and jewelry, with men everything is much easier.

Here is a list of win-win gifts that will interest anyone.

What souvenirs to bring home

  • Goan carpets. These woven items are decorated with unique geometric patterns. Individual specimens are embroidered with microscopic neon tubes that shine at night.
    Solid carpets are in great demand, but there are also products made of silk and cotton.
    The cost of carpet can range from a couple of tens of dollars to several thousand "green friends."
  • Papier mache. Typically, this material is made of models, masks and other props, but the craftsmen of Rajasthan have learned to make unique furniture – sofas, chairs, cabinets, armchairs, benches and shelves.
    Usually such furniture is sold in specialized shops scattered near Goan beaches, shopping centers and flea markets.
  • Bamboo Flute Bansuri. One of the most popular and recognizable Indian instruments. This is an elegant and easy-to-use flute, which is distinguished by a penetrating and soft sound.
    In the Indian markets souvenir bansuri can be purchased for pennies, but a professional flute will cost more. The cost of bansuri ranges from 7 cents to 5 dollars.
  • Jewelry. As a gift to any woman, Goan jewelry will perform as a win-win option. Silver, gold, semiprecious and precious stones – local craftsmen work with any material.
    There are budget options – from bamboo, bronze and beads.
  • Incense. It's about aromatic sticks that fill your home with unearthly fragrances.
    In India, incense is used for ritual purposes, but the Europeans adapted them to recreate a pleasant atmosphere.
    The best sticks are made by Satya. Packing will cost you only 20 cents.
  • Paintings. The Madhubani style, popular in Goa, originated in the state of Bihar, which borders on Nepal. These canvases are written on cloth or paper.
    Traditional motifs are mythology and images of local deities. Indians have decorated these canvases with their homes for many years.
  • Sandalwood figurines. Carved images of elephants and deities in Goa are made of sandalwood.
    This unique material is not only beautiful, but also pleasantly fragrant, filling the apartment with spicy flavors. Sandalwood is considered to be a sacred tree in India, fragments of the temple decor are cut out of it.

Souvenirs from Goa: video games on the singing bowl

Listen to how amazing the Indian bowl sounds and see the very technique of the game. Agree, this is a very unusual musical instrument and a wonderful gift.

Three unusual souvenirs

  1. The Singing Bowl. This musical instrument is very original – it is a cup made of copper or bronze. It's easy to play an instrument – even a child can cope.
    Goans use the sounds produced by the instrument, during healing practices and deep meditations. The cost of this thing is 10-50 dollars.
  2. Discs with meditative mantras. Once Ravi Shankar, a musician-guitarist, introduced Western civilization to the national Indian culture. Melodies have grown fond of millions of listeners.
    Now records of mantras (sacred Vedic chants) can be purchased in many music shops and souvenir shops. The sounds of mantras counterbalance the psyche and promote relaxation.
  3. Fabric Lamp. Fabric lampshades are traditional subjects of Indian household culture. All such products are created by hand, decorated with pieces of mirrors and bright embroidery. Excellent memory of a distant exotic country.

What is prohibited

From Goa (as, however, from anywhere in India) it is forbidden to export:

  • living beings (birds, animals);
  • national currency;
  • precious metals in coins and ingots;
  • Skins of rare animals (wild);
  • antiques.

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Traveler Reviews

  • Nikita, Malaya Vishka:
    My house has a lantern from Goa. Muted soft light, very beautiful lampshade. It is cheap, but a useful thing.
  • Paramon, Nizhny Novgorod:
    Rum at these guys is not bad, and you can twist such cigarettes yourself.
    From small souvenirs I advise you to buy a Shiva figure or some other god to taste. In Goa they are cut from ebony, very beautiful.
  • Ludmila, Vladivostok:
    I bought local spices – great sets.
    The son listens to the mantra for days on end, learns to play the flute. It feels like Goa in the apartment.

In Goa, there are many things that can be used in everyday life – spices, lamps, furniture and carpets. In this case, the staff offers a fairly wide range of works of art – music, figurines, paintings.

Lovers of alcohol like rum, and girls – natural cosmetics. A paradise for a shopaholic!

You can find additional information on the topic in the section What to bring.

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